How To Review Rewards Card Programs

Different credit card companies have various rewards programs in order for the cardholders to earn their cash back through different ways. Some of these are through rebates on gasoline stations, receiving points when shopping in the supermarket, frequent flyer points and discounts on selected stores. If you are the kind of person who makes use of a credit card for purchasing items on a regular basis, then you can really take advantage of the different rewards card programs that are available from your credit card supplier. It is best to check rewards card program reviews in order to know which credit card company you will most benefit from.
Here are some credit cards that offer great deals in rewards card programs:

  1. Visa Extras is the rewards program for different types of Visa credit cards. You must enroll your Visa credit card to be able to qualify for the rewards program. This program is only available for credit card holders that are residents in the United States. With Visa Extras, you will be able to get points when you purchase items using your credit card. This includes Internet, phone or mail purchases, bill payments or signature-based purchases. The points that you will accumulate can be exchanged for different rewards items that are in the rewards catalog of Visa Extras.
  2. Citi Forward Card from Citibank is a good credit card to start with. The credit card issues rewards to cardholders by just doing their part and paying credit card bills on time. When the cardholder pays bills on time, 100 bonus points are given for each billing period. With this card, the owner can get 6,000 bonus points by just using the card for purchases amounting to $50. These purchases must be made within three months after opening the account to get the 6,000 points. A very good credit standing is needed in order to qualify for this credit card.
  3. American Express Preferred Rewards Gold card is ideal for people who pay their credit card balance every month. There are several benefits for the cardholder. The cardholder can get 10,000 rewards points instantly when a total of $500 is spent within 3 months. One reward point is given to the cardholder for every dollar that is spent. The points can be exchanged for different rewards items. The Gold card also entitles the cardholder to gain access to exclusive concerts, entertainment shows and sporting events. There is no fee for the first year of having this card. $125 is collected from the cardholder after the first year.

These are just some of the credit cards that have good rewards programs for credit card holders. In reviewing the different credit card rewards programs, it is good to get the rewards details for every card and compare them with each other. There are lots of differences and benefits that each card has to offer. Choose a credit card that you will benefit from the most.


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