How To Save 10-20% on Every Purchase You Make

Shopping can either be an exciting hobby or a serious task to endure. In addition to the financial and economic crisis going on today, you have to be equipped with powerful techniques in acquiring the best goods and/or services at the right time, while adding the ingredient called Fun.

The most basic preference is to plan ahead and be wise. If you get invited to watch a friend's show, weeks or months before, don't buy flowers when you're at the venue. You'll end up buying expensive ones that are less than great. Instead, plan your day beforehand, visit a wholesale corporation and buy in bulk.

To expound more on planning ahead, here are valuable steps on how to save at least 10-20% on every purchase.

  • Write down and classify your needs according to level of importance. If you list everything, you can better plan your finances and your procurement strategy. There are items that you can best purchase at certain seasons only, so you have to identify which items belong to this group.
  • Know where to purchase the best bargains. Some items can be found in a specialty store, in groceries, in wholesale corporations, flea markets, or online. For online stores, try checking out the official manufacturer's website first. Then check out other websites that post items for brand new or slightly used items for sale.
  • Apply for discount cards and memberships. There are also different kinds of memberships to choose from, depending on your needs and your budget. Usually, there are special perks for being a member. Some membership cards give you automatic discounts for every purchased item, and others let you earn points that you can use to purchase items in the future.

    If the place is way too far from home, but all the items are way too cheap and are of good quality, then it's still worth being a member. Before applying for membership cards, consider the overall exchange. Ensure if they have quality merchandise, or if you'll end up spending more time, effort and gasoline on having to go back and forth to have crappy items replaced.

  • Collect discount coupons in magazines and from legitimate manufacturers' websites. Just keep researching, reading, printing and cutting. Also, make sure that the coupons you are keeping are still valid. Be cautious with the expiration dates.
  • Keep on sourcing. If you have all the memberships and access to information resources, then it's time to judge where to go and purchase your goods.

Don't miss the opportunity to save. Open your eyes and ears to grand sales. Timing is everything. Don't wait for the promo or sale to be finished before you decide to go to the store. If you can't do it at that time, ask someone you trust, who is available, to run to the store and buy what you need. Well, that is if you urgently need the item. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the next sale.


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