How To Save Money on a Britax Car Seat

Many mothers will swear (in a very-good-must-recommend kind of way) on the efficacy of the Britax car seat. In fact, despite its very pricey retail price totaling hundreds of dollars, you will find out that this car seat is selling well. Maybe it’s because for moms and parents in general, price is not a factor when it comes to a baby’s safety especially when traveling inside a car.

However, before you turn your nose up at the Britax car seat to purchase something less pricey like a Safety First or a Baby Trend, you might want look at why the Britax car seat is sort of a leader in the car seat category:

  • Security features include the anti-rebound bar that prevents the seat from bounding straight through the rear of a vehicle as a result of a collision. Once the seat is there, it won’t budge.
  • TSIP head support which holds your baby’s head in place so his head won’t flip to the left or right when inside a moving car.
  • Angle adjuster that allows you to fit the seat perfectly into any of your cars.
  • Ample padding and harness covers so that your baby’s skin is protected from abrasive materials.
  • Sunroof to protect your baby’s skin.
  • Built-in locks so you are assured that nothing in the locking mechanism will be lost or would come undone.

These and so much more make the Britax car seat on top of the list among the many brands out there.

If you are slowly warming up to the idea but still a few hundred dollars short of purchasing one, here are some suggestions on shaving off some money on a Britax car seat:

  • Shop for it during sale season. Britax conducts a sale of its car seat every end of February, annually, without fail. Its retail partner, Babies R Us also conducts a similar price slash-off on a regular basis. You can also take advantage of online stores like Amazon for Britax car seat sale events.
  • Buy what you need and not the latest model. The latest model does not mean its miles ahead from its predecessor. The latest model might have a few tweaks here and there but the predecessor still works its magic nonetheless. Knowing this tidbit will guide you in making a purchase. You can opt for a discontinued Britax car seat line by checking out
  • Never tire of searching for price-off coupons. Manufacturers do this all the time to promote the purchase of their product lines. Coupons are a great way to save as much as 30% on a great buy, Britax car seat included. Get online and look at and for a coupon fiesta. Hey, you might even score free shipping that won’t hurt at all.
  • Send out a message to your network of family and friends. Sometimes you need not look outside of your network to save money on a Britax car seat. You might just stumble into someone you know who is practically waiting for someone who needs it so it can be given away free of charge. It won’t hurt to try, you know?

Searching for a Britax car seat is not a hard as you think it is, all it takes is some research and a bit of legwork in your favorite air-conditioned malls.


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