How To Save Money on a Sweet Sixteen

So your daughter wants to have a Sweet Sixteen party complete with a DJ manning the turntables huh? This is probably one occasion in her life when your hands are tied and she gets to decide on the kind of party that she wants simply because it is her big day. Apart from this, her wedding day is the next big thing so this occasion is one she must remember. This much you have to realize as a parent.

So then, how can you throw her an unforgettable Sweet Sixteen party without going broke? Why, with a lot of creativity and haggling, of course!

Here’s how to save money on a Sweet Sixteen Party:

  1. Talk about the guest list with your daughter. Tell her “Coach Evans doesn’t have to invited, right?” followed by an eye roll and she will get the idea that it’s such a dorky move to have her high school cheerleading coach present. This is called conditioning (not manipulation at all). So since you are on the subject of the guest list, which is the most important step of all, you might as well share your insight about keeping it small and intimate so it becomes more special for your daughter. Now the numbers might vary but keep it realistic and explain why it needs to be kept to an acceptable number e.g. the backyard can only accommodate so much or the hotel wants a controlled number of heads for the venue.
  2. Talk about a simple and realistic theme. Something that everyone will enjoy participating in like a pool party or bowling night.
  3. Keep your options open when choosing a venue. Look into booking a ballroom in a hotel, a restaurant, a coffee bar, a clubhouse, or a local club for a Sweet Sixteen party then proceed to make comparisons about rates and amenities.
  4. Haggle for discounts. Many suppliers, party planners, and vendors expect clients to haggle and you are no different. This is part and parcel of organizing a Sweet Sixteen party. Good things come to those who ask so ask for discounts and you shall receive.
  5. Personally buy your decorations and invitations. Never order these online unless you are pressed for time. On the other hand, leaving the decorations and invitations in the hands of a party planner might cost you more.
  6. Form your own committee. You think hiring a party planner is expensive? You are correct. This is where you have to call in the troops to help you with the Sweet Sixteen party. Your daughter’s best friends can be your committee members and how teenagers will love to get their hands on some serious party planning, indeed! In fact, involve the whole family in the planning by assigning tasks for the celebration.
  7. Combine home-cooking and catering. You can do a 50/50 here, which means you do 50% of the cooking while the caterer does the rest. If you think you can handle the food preparation yourself, all the better for you.
  8. Dump the DJ. Who needs a DJ when you have a perfectly good way of saving dance tracks on a CD and playing this yourself while the party goes on? This will shave off $2,000 easy on your party budget. Besides, any of your daughter’s friends can take the place of a DJ complete with a headset.

If you plan your daughter’s Sweet Sixteen party realistically, you will save a lot of money in the process. Just remember to keep a tight watch on the guest list and you are on your way to planning it well within your budget. Have a sticky-sweet and memorable Sweet Sixteen party!


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