How To Save Money on Bridal Bouquets

Like almost everything else in life, a wedding and all the components to set one up can be quite expensive and can create a significant dent in your savings. The place, food, music, dresses, and flowers are some of the main aspects that will reduce your finances to mere scraps. However, there are many ways that you can organize a wedding and still manage to have some money left over. The small savings from minute things such as a bridal bouquet can actually go a long away. Here are some ideas on how to save some money on your bridal bouquets.

  1. Use native flowers. Commercial flowers used in traditional bouquets are actually very pricey. The prices inculcate fees to cover shipping and handling costs. Total everything up and you will probably faint from the high costs to decorate your wedding as well as create your bridal bouquet. To reduce these costs, consider using the native flowers in your area. Locate local flower growers and tap into their existing beds for flowers that you can use to make your bridal bouquets. Of course, any person would want their favorite flower all around the wedding and the bouquets but since you really can’t afford it, save some money and go native.
  2. Purchase flowers in season. If a certain type of flower is in season, then the price for purchasing the flower will definitely be lower. This is because the supply for the particular flower is better during this season. When organizing your wedding, consider using flowers in bloom and in season. In addition, when flowers are in season, you will probably see more and more roadside flower stands selling these flowers. Stop by and purchase your fill. The savings will be worth it.
  3. Take a gander at your local farmers markets. A farmers market is a great place to purchase flowers in season at really affordable prices. The flowers on sale are usually at farm gate prices with not a lot of commercial mark ups. Most farmers market will have at least a couple of flower vendors that you can shop at.
  4. Plant your own flowers. If you really want to save some serious money, then what you can do is plan ahead and plant flowers. By growing them yourself, you can eliminate the costs of having to purchase flowers for your wedding. Obviously, you would need to plan and time your wedding when these flowers are in bloom. By purchasing seeds, fertilizers, and gardening tools, and with a little effort, you should have fresh flowers by the time of your wedding to make your bridal bouquets.
  5. Check your local florists. Some florists offer discounts and promotional packages for weddings and grand events through a loyalty or bulk purchase program. Buy in bulk and get maximum discounts on your flowers.
  6. Make the bouquet yourself. Having a florist arrange and create your bridal bouquets will cost you a bit too. To eliminate this, study the art of creating the bouquets yourself with the help of your friends. There are many instructional videos on the Internet that can help you on your way.

Saving and skimping on this very minute detail of a wedding seems silly to most people. However, if you total all the money you can save by trying out these tips, you will be surprised that the money you save can be very substantial.


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