How To Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons

Times are difficult nowadays for most families, meaning we have to pay close attention to where our money goes. More often we don’t realize how much we are spending on groceries until our budget suddenly shrinks. In this case we are forced to make savings wherever we can. We can no longer afford products which are previously considered as necessities. We think of them now as luxury and therefore can wait until such time when budget is not too tight.

Some suggestions may be useful and can be used to save money on grocery shopping.

  • Know what groceries you need back home before going to the shop. In doing so, think about your meals for the week and ensure that you will buy these items cheaper than the ready to cook ones. Be alert on grocery circulars. When they go on sale, check if items on your list are on the sale. Get the name of the store and the listed price of the sale item.
  • Have a list on hand and know where to shop. You will not become an impulse shopper. Even if there are special offers if they are not in your list, do not mind them yet. Sometimes it is marked half the regular price. Still consider your list because your have done this home and know more or less what is lacking in your cupboard. But if there are sale items consider the value and forego an item from your list.
  • Buy items in bulk if your budget permits. These items are those you use more frequently like toilet rolls, laundry soaps, etc. The same goes with meats too. If you buy in bulk the price is cheaper by at least 25 percent. The you split them into multiple meals before storing in the freezer.
  • Try shopping around to scout for cheap items. You can change brands if you see that the benefit is the same with your former brand. Know also their sale periods and be ready to visit them during this period. Supermarkets have their own target markets. Some cater to the higher income clients while some cater to the lower middle income. You may visit the one catering for the lower middle income clients. Or there is no harm in visiting the local markets. You are assured that all items are sold at lower prices.
  • Implement changes in your shopping. Join discount clubs and benefit on their cards. Some groceries issue discounts on items listed on their promos.  Bonus cards are also helpful.
  • Branded items cost higher than regular ones. If your branded laundry soap for instance is twice the cost of the regular one then you can shift to the regular ones.

Saving money for groceries is not bad especially if you were able to buy the items you considered as necessities. There are bargain sections in groceries and supermarkets for those who are on the budget enthusiast. You just have to be aware about where to shop.


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