How To Save Money on International Crate and Freight Services


Sending items internationally involves paying shipping expenses, which is calculated by how large the container is, how heavy it is, and the means of shipping.  Additional fees sometimes apply; for example, when the item is below the recommended weight, or when there’s an additional requirement for shipping.  With all these expenses, it is wise to find ways on how to save money on international crate and freight services.

Set your budget.  Determine how much money you have, and then set a portion that you plan on spending for shipping expenses.  Having a pre-determined budget helps you avoid overspending.  If you have shipped internationally before, take note of the expenses you have incurred and consider these in planning your budget.  .

Shop around.  There are a lot of shipping services out there, and they have differing price ranges.  Research about their prices and see whether these are reasonable within your budget.  Instead of sticking with the leading shipping services, try out cheaper services but know how well these services perform first.  Know all the fees involved and choose the service that is most reliable.  

Choose to send by ocean or air.  These two are the usual means of sending items internationally.  Air freight is more expensive than ocean freight, however air freight is quicker.  If the item doesn’t need to be sent right away, opt for ocean freight.  If there is time pressure, air freight is more practical and will save you money in the long run.

Make use of promos.  From time to time, shipping services offer promos and discounts.  Be updated of news regarding these.  Shipping services usually have discounts during holidays and special occasions.

Pack tightly.  Because you are charged by the number of containers you send, the more you can safely fit in inside a container, the better.  Place items in vacuum bags to make them fit neatly.  Use good quality duct tape, so that the box stays together despite a lot of items inside it.  Use good crate boxes. Choose those that are lightweight but sturdy enough to carry all the weight.

Split the weight
.  Some services provide the containers, and they charge a flat rate for each container.  The larger containers usually are more costly than smaller ones.  If you are sending a lot of items, consider distributing them into smaller sized boxes. 

Buy shipping supplies wisely.  Purchase supplies at bulk, especially if you are going to use them frequently.  Buying them in bulk means you pay lesser for each item, and save on transportation expenses you make by going to the shipping supply store.  Buy them in shipping services or shipping supplies stores.  Avoid buying them in office supply stores, for they are more expensive there.  

Save money by looking for cheap yet reliable services, choosing the most practical means of shipping, making use of promos, packing properly, and buying shipping supplies wisely.  After making the delivery, record the payments you have made and make plans on how to save more in future deliveries.


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