How To Save Money on Perfume

Any woman or man of character would agree that part of beauty is how one would smell. Oftentimes, beauty comes with a price that is above the amount that you can wisely let go. Current financially dire times do not require consumers like you to spend on injudiciously high priced perfumes.  The good news is, you don't have to compromise what you want and what you think you should have just because it's ridiculously expensive.

Shop online. Best perfume prices are often found online. There is a wide variety of perfume websites that you can check out such a and You can get amazing discounts out of these online perfume shops because unlike high street shops, these are not owned by shareholders who tend to make their perfumes pricey enough to obtain a huge profit.  EBay and Amazon offer even lower prices. However, choices are slim so you benefit from these sites only if you know exactly what you want. Get a mile farther by searching more websites and comparing their price offers with the perfume brand and quality. This will allow you to get the best price deals for the best products, including free shipping.

Never mind the packaging. Sometimes perfumes, don't come cheap partly because of the fancy packages that house them. Go for unboxed items that are relatively sold at a lower price. The original packaging or boxes of these items were damaged either during the transport or storage of the product. However, the product itself was kept safe and intact. In this instance, the product was repackaged in a simple brown box. This might work for you. After all, it is the product inside that you are after.

Don't snub the testers and the samples. For the same quality and amount of product, retailers receive testers from the manufacturers, mainly to help them promote the product to the end consumers. Sometimes, excess testers are sold by retailers in the hope that the profit will cover the shipping and processing. Their prices are much cheaper. Meanwhile, there are retailers who can give samples for free. Just approach them politely for samples. These samples will last you quite a while. Be prepared though, as some are given without proper packaging, such as a bottle with no cap.

Stock up right after Christmas. Big department stores stock up their shelves in anticipation for the Christmas rush. Perfumes (and even designer ones) are hot items that are bought by bulk. As a result, surplus products are common after the season's gift buying. You may be able to find these perfume products on the discounted shelves.

Search for discount stores. Extra effort equals extra bargain. Unconventional places that sell perfumes are avenues for great price finds! These are the places you least expect to go on a perfume sale. Aside from flea markets that allow you to negotiate for a discount, local department stores and estate sales can store up a decent collection of perfumes.

Make your own signature scent. If you still think you might not get enough for your money's worth, then seek your own preference your own way. By making homemade scents, you can express your individuality while saving up a great deal of money. Just mix essential fragrant oils of your choice with distilled water and ethyl alcohol. Store it in a cool dry place and its ready to use.

If you know what to find, where to go and how to get it. You can have the best of both worlds: having luxurious fragrances without going broke.


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