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The social security number is a number with nine digits that is given to the citizens of the United States in tracking them down for tax purposes. You can search a person’s records by using the social security number. Some of the data that you can get include the full name, the birth record, the death record and the location of the person. There are a lot of social security number search engines online that you can use in finding people. These websites vary and the information that they give you can be basic or detailed.

Here are some of the websites where you can search for a person by using only the social security number:

  • - Find a Friend is a people search engine that you can use online. For the social security number search, you can contact a friend for only $14.99. For this, you will receive information, such as the current address, aliases and maiden name, the middle name, the current and last name, the phone number, date of birth and the verification of the social security number. You can  make use of the advanced search option for only $24.99.
  • – This is another people search site. You have to be a member on the site to make use of their search engine. Currently, membership is free. You can search by social security number, by name, by address or by phone number. You can use this service if you are trying to find someone who you have lost contact with or if you want to conduct a background check on someone.
  • – This is the website of the Government Registry online records retrieval. You can conduct a preliminary search by providing the social security number and the last name of the person that you are looking for. You can search from background records, correctional files, FBI files, court records, unlisted cellular phone numbers and much more. When you search, the report may include their address, phone number and criminal history.
  • - On this website, you can conduct information search on a person by providing the social security number and the name. You can get the personal profile of the person, social security number verifications, criminal records and more. You can read more on this type of search by visiting the website and reading how this method works.
  • - Free Searching is a website that you can use to find a directory of websites where you can conduct a people search by social security number. You can see this list of websites on this page. Some of the pages that are here include A1 People Search, Abika, USA Trace, USA Record Search and more.

These are the websites that you can use in finding someone by using a social security number. If you would want to get as much information as you can about a certain person, it is better if you make use of the paid searches as they provide more details on the person.


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