How To See if the Government Owes You Money

The government holds more than $30 billion of unclaimed properties and money. The unclaimed properties come from owners who have lost contact with the insurance company, changed names, or through the death of original owners without having completed a will.

Unclaimed bank accounts, insurance dividends, and properties are held in the government fund until the owners claim them. The owner has the right to claim what is duly his. So if you are in doubt if the government owes you money, read on and find out how:

Make a record. Make a record of the states where you have resided and the period of residency.

Visit the NAUPA Site. Visit the website of National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrator. Then click the button for "Owners". Enter the information required by the page.

Review the information. Scroll down and look for the different segments of the NAUPA web page. Review all the information flashed carefully.

Search for your property. Look for the section of "Search Property". Click the button of "Search State by State". Read the information about the different states. Find the states that you have recorded in the first step given above. Follow the instructions given by the states on how to claim for the fund or property that you believe is yours.

How to search by name:

  1. Go to the page containing "Search by name".
  2. Type your full name in the box provided.
  3. Search the matching names in the list. Each name is a link to the unclaimed properties for the owner.
  4. Verify the information of the properties given by the link. Make sure that you are the honest owner of the properties.
  5. Click the button for "Yes I Claim".
  6. Track the information related in claiming the money that the government owes you. Follow the given instructions and make sure to prepare the necessary requirements.

How to search with other resources:

  1. Click the button for "Other Resources". Scroll down and you will find the links for the unclaimed funds and properties.
  2. Click each link to find the information relating to the owner of such properties.
  3. Check out every property to find out if the government holds your money in its fund. Make the claim.

When owners fail to exchange contacts with their asset holders, those possessions become part of the unclaimed assets held by the government. If you are one of the owners of these unclaimed properties, you are responsible for making the claim.

There is a legal process on how to make the claim for unclaimed properties and money held by the government. But before anything else, you should first confirm if the government owes you money. Find out in which state you have a claim on a property or asset. The process of finding if the government owes you money is easy and free! All you have to do is open your computer and connect to the web page where unclaimed properties and money are posted.


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