How To Set Up an Online Banking Account

Have you ever given thought about the possibility of everything being done online in say, 10 years or so? It seems that most things are already on the Internet. Besides sending letters through e-mail instead of buying stamps and dropping them in your mailbox, you can even search online libraries instead of actually walking a couple of blocks to the public library!  Everything has certainly been made easier. Aren’t you glad that even banking can be done online as well? That is the world of online banking!

There’s no need for you to drive to the bank and stand in line for hours on end. When you have a personal online banking account, all your banking needs are just a few clicks away! Your purchasing will be made easier, as well as your bank to bank transactions. You can even view your bank details as long as you have access to a computer and the Internet—there are unlimited possibilities! Wouldn’t that save you from all the hassle of going to the bank and doing it the conventional way? If you are a bit unsure or think that online banking is hard, here are the steps on how to set up your own personal online banking account.

  1. It’s best that you check with your local bank if they offer online banking. Chances are, your bank already offers this service and you can just apply for an online banking account.
  2. Otherwise, you have to decide what online bank you want to join. Research other options online, review their TOS (terms of service) and the usual FAQs. See which online banks have the services that are most compatible with you and your needs.
  3. Go to the ‘open an account page’ and choose which type of account you want to open. Just like with traditional banks, you will have options and will need to choose between online/Internet checking account, online/Internet savings account and online/Internet payment account.
  4. You will need to fill in the forms that the online bank needs in order to process your account. You will need to provide your SSN (Social Security Number) and the usual name, address, contact details, etc. Make sure that you don’t leave anything blank and that you have given the correct information so that the bank doesn’t need to make you fill out the form again. It will surely take longer if you have to pass the form back and forth.
  5. Wait for the bank's approval of your online application. This usually takes a couple of days to a week, but it will be easier and take less time if you fill out the forms correctly and completely.
  6. Once your application has been approved, if you wish to transfer funds to your new online account, connect your online bank account to your previous account to transfer your funds.
  7. Sign in on your account and familiarize yourself with the services offered and how to navigate your way around the site. Just remember that it is your responsibility to print important documents and transactions, as the bank will not be responsible for printing them out for you since you signed up for a personal online banking account.

Wasn’t that easy? Setting up an online bank account is not only easy, but it is also less time consuming. You can sign in and log on from anywhere in the world and get direct online access to your bank account and all banking reports – hassle free! You may also make other online banking transactions if need be. All you have to do is follow these 7 simple steps. You see, online banking can be for everyone! You just need to give it a chance.


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