How To Spend Less Money on the Wedding of Your Dreams

Every bride dreams of a lavish and a grand wedding. No matter what country or culture you are in, you want your wedding to be romantic and memorable. But with the current economic situation we are facing you don't want to spend all of your savings on your wedding day. With proper planning and by setting your budget you can still have the wedding of your dreams without spending too much.

Know your budget. Knowing and agreeing with your partner how much money you will spend on your wedding day is very important. In doing the budget you will take into consideration what type of wedding you want, how many people you want to invite, giveaways or remembrance, location of the church, venue of the wedding and what type of food you want to serve to your guest. Once you have all the details it will be easy for you to determine how much money you will need to attain your once in a lifetime wedding.

Limit your guest list. This can be difficult for you and your partner, because as much as possible you want to invite everybody to witness your dream wedding. But if you want to stick to your budget invite only the people closest to you and have a personal impact on your life. This includes your parents, relatives, and childhood friends. Knowing how many entourage you want in your wedding day is also important. The lesser the entourage you have the lesser the expenses as well as the stress for you in coordinating all the details with your entourage.

Something new, something borrowed.  Is a wedding tradition that has been passed on for every bride and can also be used not to spend much in your wedding gowns and jewelry.  "Something new" can be something that is new that you want to wear or use in your wedding day. "Something borrowed" can be something that you can borrow from your parents such as necklace, earrings or other jewelry that has been given also by your grandparents to your parents.

Pick the right food for the guests. Choosing what type of food you will prepare for your guest is very important. Choose a menu that will be acceptable to your entire guest; since you know all of your guests personally, it will be easy for you to distinguish what type of food your guests prefer. Remember that after your wedding ceremony most of your guests are tired and starving and very eager to know what food will be served to their table. Maybe most of them haven't eaten a good meal due to their wedding preparation and excitement to be on time on your wedding day. 

Do it yourself. Hiring a wedding coordinator takes a lot of money so instead of getting one why not do it yourself in your spare time. If you want to look for a venue for your wedding, or if you want to go to a flower shop to see what flowers you will need on your wedding day, you can do it in weekend or after office hours. You will not only save your money and energy but as well your time in coordinating everything with your wedding coordinator

Something to remember: Wedding souvenirs are one way of showing your guests how much their presence means to you and your partner. Choose a wedding souvenir that is practical and can be used after the wedding. One example of this is a specialized bottle opener which can also be bought in bulk orders. A lot of wedding souvenir shops offer lower price if you order in bulk

Your wedding happens once in your lifetime that is why you want to make it as memorable and as perfect as you plan. But let us remember that the real essence of a wedding is to profess your love with your partner and promise that your love for each other is endless and boundless like the sea.


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