How To Teach Your Children to Manage Their Money

Discipline started at a young age -- especially in money matters -- allows the children to be less vulnerable to debt and economic slavery. With the current economic instability, it is practical for parents to teach their children how to manage their money. With this, parents should allow their children to learn how to save, invest and separate their needs and their wants. Most children conclude that their money either goes to the bank or to their parents. The steps given below will allow you to start helping your children manage their own money.

Step 1

Take the lead. Children follow what the adults around them do, so we must set a persona that is worth following. We shouldn't just tell them something and do another. Children weigh what you do more than what you say.

Step 2

Set a spending limit. With everything we do, there should be a certain limit. Likewise in money, we must tell our children to set their spending limits before going to the mall, arcade or somewhere else that requires spending. It is wise that you discuss how much you and they can spend. If things go beyond the set limit, learn to say no and mean it.

Step 3

Let them do the works. Tell them that they can decide what to do with their allowance or their salary. However, give them guidelines on how to use it properly and wisely.

Step 4

Share. Managing money is not all about keeping, sometimes, it is about sharing. Encourage your children to share with others. You must still set guidelines for your children with this.

By teaching our children to manage their own money, we are helping them to become better people for the future. It is said that our yesterdays mold us to our present and to our future selves. Let our children enjoy a more secured future.


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