How To Trace a Certified Bank Check

A certified bank check is a form of a check certified by the bank and the customer to assure that the funds existing in the account are sufficient enough to cover the check and if it is authentic at the time it is written. Until it is cashed or returned by the payee, the check stays for a while in the internal account of the bank. Because of this, the liquidity and certainty of payment of a certified bank check is considered equivalent to cash. This explains why many falsified bank checks are spreading everywhere today. That’s why it’s important for you to distinguish an authentic bank check against a fake one. Learn the basic steps to trace any authentic bank check before accepting one.

  • Know the bank. Before accepting a certified bank check, contact the bank that issued the check first and investigate in a constructive way. Ask someone from the bank who may assist you in your dealings. Get the trust of the bank to smooth everything to trace an authentic bank check. Immediately give the bank the account holder’s name and all the information of the check to verify the issuance of the check.
  • Validate the funds. If all the given information is correct, you can now verify the funds. Know if the account holder’s balance is adequate enough for the check. Usually, the bank does not just give any balance information but they can confirm if the check is authentic.
  • Validate the check twice. Don’t settle for a one-time validation with the bank. This will give you 100% validity whether it is validated accurately or not.
  • Understand the conditions of the check. Examine very well the check’s print. Read and understand all the requirements of the bank. Like for example, the documents, papers or IDs to cash the check, or the maximum number of days for it to be cashed before it is forfeited. Be sure you understand quite well all the conditions in order for you to cash the check. Do not hesitate to ask the bank for clarification or confirmation.
  • Examine the check’s signature. This is the last but this is the most important step of tracing a certified bank check so you need to do this cautiously. Carefully check the signature of the account holder, as this will protect you of any possible scheme. Get the driver’s license of the account holder, look at its signature and compare its signature to an authentic bank check. Once it is the same, you will have no problem of being a victim of a fraud check. It means that your certified bank check is really certified so you don’t have to worry about getting the check as soon as possible.  

As a recap, there are 5 steps you can consider in tracing a certified bank check. And these are - knowing the bank, validating the funds, double validating the check, understanding the conditions of the check and examining the signature on the check. With these 5 steps, you will surely safeguard yourself against fraudulent certified bank checks.


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