How To View Purchase Requisition Templates

You may be new to the world of purchasing and contracting, and the first time your supervisor requests that you prepare a purchase request, you may have "the deer in the headlights look" in your face.  Do not panic.  Each block on the template has a meaning, and your task is to find out what is required.

The purchase requisition tells the buyer many things, who requested the item, what was desired to be purchased, where is the item being shipped to, what type of money is being used to fund the item, who authorized purchase of the item (usually a supervisor), who in finance and accounting authorized the availability of money and when is the item required.

If you are dealing with a federal purchase requisition and it is from the Department of Defense you will probably be using a DD3953, this is a standard requisition form that is completed for purchases within the Department of Defense.

The form will contain a number that is created called the purchase request number.  The Purchase request number will indicate which agency started the action, where the agency is located, which division within the agency requested the item, the fiscal year the item was requested and the sequential number used by that particular requesting division.  There will be a date when the item was prepared. The following block will include a cost code that will be used for the purchase order. The following block will be a description of what is being ordered, for instance you may be required to order keyboards for a computer, you will have the make and model of the keyboard that you are requesting, how many you are requesting and an estimate of what each one is going to cost.

Then you will have to identify where the items are to be shipped to, and you will have to include a desired date of delivery.  Your purchase order will be routed through a chain of command before it is finally approved and forwarded to your purchasing department. You will sign as the requisitioner, your immediate supervisor will sign as authorizing that the item is needed, finance and accounting will verify that funds are available and can be used and they will sign and forward to the purchasing department for the completion of your order.  The purchase order is a trigger for the purchasing department to commence work and obtain the items that you require.


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