How To Write a Letter to Stop Creditors

Don’t worry if you’re being harassed by creditors. You can deal with them because your have rights under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You can stop all harassing phone calls and avoid paying any debts that you don’t owe. Below are tips on how to write a letter to stop creditors effectively.

  • Get the creditor’s name and address. Creditors can legally send you documentations with their address, name, and amount due within 5 days after contacting you. But they must stop contacting you by phone, writing, or any other means if you told them to. You must just be sure that you don’t owe any debt to those creditors.
  • Follow the letter in step number 3. Put all information where there are parentheses. This letter will oblige collectors not just to stop contacting you, but they will be required to give you any documentation that shows that you really owe the debt they are telling you.
  • Put the date in your letter. You need to have a copy of your letter as a record. If the creditors keep on calling you after you send them a letter, then you can sue them for harassment. Put your name and address below the date, then put the name of the company and address below, then write “To Whom it may Concern” underneath. Below is an example letter:
“Your company is required to give me any formal documents of my alleged debt (Write your account number or debt here). People from your company are writing and calling me frequently and telling me about those debts. Please be informed that I’m not asking for any confirmation that you can get to my mailing address. However, I am asking a verification or formal documentation according with my rights under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. That documentation must include accounting of the account in question, current status, and detailed history. Failure to comply such validation is abridging my civil rights, though withdrawing from contacting me is acceptable in place of further escalation. If you need to contact me, I am requesting that please do it through mail and your company must stop calling me through phone. Thank you”.
Send this letter with the date on top to the creditors as fast as you can. Have a copy of the letter and keep the documents they have sent you. If they keep on calling you, record their phone or mobile numbers and list the times and dates of their call.

Remember to not lose focus. If anyone tells you that you have debt to pay, you may be forced to pay him automatically because of panic. There are collection agencies that will try or force you to pay a debt even if you don’t owe anything from them.

Always organize your files and legal documents so can identify your debts. But if you have a debt, always make a practice to pay them on time. Stopping the letters and calls won’t make your life comfortable. But you don’t need to worry if you are organized for it will help you to pay your debts on time.


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