Looking for High Profits? Here Are The Top 3 Cannabis Stocks To Invest In Now

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Investing in marijuana might seem like something a white guy with dreadlocks wearing a tie-dye t-shirt might try and convince you while you stand next to each other at a music festival.

But in actuality, cannabis stocks are booming right now for guys like that along with the average Joe and high-powered business people as well. In the next 4 years, it's expected that the marijuana market is going to grow a whopping 230% and peak at 32 billion dollars.

Do you want a slice of that cake? Or, should we say, a piece of that pot brownie? A hit of that joint? OK, you get the picture.

Here are 3 very different marijuana stocks to consider adding to your portfolio if you're looking to cash in on the growing pot industry.

1. Medical Marijuana: Terra Tech Corp

While recreational marijuana is gaining traction in both the US and abroad, much of the marijuana production currently used in the US is for medical purposes. Medical marijuana research shows that is can help treat a number of disorders, including anxiety, cancer, and chronic pain.

Terra Tech Corp has capitalized on this sector of the pot industry. This is an agricultural company with an over 62 million dollar market cap.

It specializes in growing, cultivating, and distributing medical marijuana, although we will start to see an increased focus on all types of marijuana distribution.

2. Marijuana Producer: Constellation Brands

Constellation Brands has a market cap of over 32 billion dollars and owns multiple top adult brands like Corona and Modelo beer and Svedka vodka.

This makes it an already reliable and profitable stock to add to your portfolio, but add in its new venture into marijuana and pot products, and you'll see significant returns and growth.

Constellation owns 38% of the Canadian pot producer "Canopy." There are also reports of them venturing into new products like cannabis-infused drinks and marijuana distribution, which will likely add to their significant profits in the upcoming years.

3. Marijuana Products: KushCo

If you're wondering how to invest in marijuana without getting close to the green stuff itself, consider KushCo. KushCo is a company that specializes in products needed to use, cultivate, and grow marijuana. These items include:

  • Vaporizers
  • Marijuana packaging products
  • Tubes
  • Holding containers
  • Cartridges

They're also investing in the fast-growing CBD industry and are diving into how cannabis products can potentially create a new (and more literal) type of green energy.

High (Powered) Cannabis Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio

These three cannabis stocks are some of the biggest names in this fast-growing industry. What makes them all successful is their diverse applications throughout many sectors within the cannabis industry as well as their ability to adapt to the needs and wants of their consumers.

Are these options confusing or overwhelming for you? If you need a bit of a "back to the basics" lesson on stocks and investing, check out this article to learn more about the stock market.

If you feel ready to invest in pot, be sure to learn all you can about the product before you put your green stuff into that green stuff. Start with this article on medical marijuana.


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