How To Get Special Card Offers from Visa

Visa credit cards fall under three major categories: standard cards, rewards cards and premium rewards cards. One of the standard account offers include a version that is specially made for students. This is for college students who need a card because they want to establish a credit history under their name for insurance purposes and the like. Rewards and premium rewards cards offer a bit more than the cards under the standard category - you can even say that they are improvements made on the standard card - and it stands to reason that these two are therefore harder to qualify for than the standard one. Below is an overview of the special cards and offers available from Visa and its affiliates:

  • Rewards - Depending on the type of account that you use, rewards cards give you special reward offers every time you use the card to pay for something. The reward offers vary from introductory specials where you get rewarded for your first purchase or upon spending a certain amount on something, to cash back and gaining points, which can be redeemed later when you use your card to purchase items from airlines, gas stations, grocery stores, hotels and restaurants. Rewards credit cards will usually charge you an annual fee and a higher interest rate than normal credit cards, so it's a good idea to compare these annual fees and interest rates before you choose which card to buy.
  • Premium Rewards - The premium rewards cards work in mostly the same way as rewards cards, but it also makes special deals from some retailers and high-grade service available to the holder. There is usually an annual fee for keeping a premium rewards card.
  • Gift Cards - Visa Gift Cards are the ideal gifts for people whose tastes are different enough from your own that it's hard to shop for them. Gift cards can easily be bought from vendors. After you decide on a provider, you can choose the gift card amount you want and pay for that, along with a small gift card fee, and can then give the card and the necessary information to make purchases with it to the person you want to give a gift to.
  • Secured Credit Card - A secured visa is a bit like a rebate credit card. If you don't have credit, or have bad starting credit, you might find a secured credit card suitable for you. You are initially required to make a deposit to the lender, varying from $300 to $500. This will serve as your collateral for your credit limit. The credit limit, depending on the deal you get, might range from $300 to as high as $10,000, and you can use the secured credit card as you would a regular credit card, and make monthly payments if you have incurred a balance. The downside is that you will be charged a yearly fee for keeping a secured credit card, and might even be charged an application fee. Some secured credit cards, however, also allow the holder to earn interest on deposits.

You can discover which card you want on your own or compare available offers online by looking at one of these sites:,, and


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