What You Need to Know About Life Insurance Policies

How to Get Affordable Life Insurance

Buying life insurance policies seems overwhelming to many people. This daunting task often keeps people from actually purchasing life insurance policies. However, with a little research, people can become informed about different life insurance options, making the selection process much easier.

1. Choosing A Policy

  • Perhaps the biggest choice a consumer can make in terms of building well-rounded insurance plans is to determine the type of life insurance policies you need. Whole-life insurance policies include life insurance policies plus investment opportunities. Term life insurance policies are less expensive.
  • Many investment experts encourage people to keep your insurance and your investments separately. Whole-life insurance policies are expensive and are typically based on assumptions. Term life insurance policies are based on set dollar amounts each month or year and are set for a certain number of years.

2. Selecting A Coverage Amount

  • When determining how much life insurance coverage you need, you should determine how much your family relies on you for survival. If you have young children, a good rule of thumb is to purchase life insurance for an amount equivalent to 10 times your annual salary. If you have older children, a good rule of thumb is to purchase life insurance for an amount equivalent to five times your annual salary. You should also consider how much your spouse or significant other relies on your salary each month and year.
  • Selecting the right amount of coverage for your life insurance needs is a critical part of purchasing life insurance. If you are going to pay monthly or annual premiums, you want to make sure your family is protected in the case you should die during the term of the policy. In addition, you want to purchase a life insurance policy that contains payout terms as broad as possible. You want your family to receive their payout upon your death.

3. Finding A Life Insurance Company

  • When you’re shopping for a life insurance company and life insurance agent, you should seek out at least three price quotes for similar policies, ask for references, talk with those references about issues pertinent to their policies, and find out as much information about the life insurance firm as possible.
  • Select life insurance companies that provide you with firm data in writing along with specific policy information. Ask them for references from existing and former customers. Talk with them about their policies and how easy the process was when they used the policies upon the deaths of loved ones. Ask the references how well they like the services offered by the specific life insurance company. Gather as much information as possible and take notes.
  • Once you have compiled valid information about several different life insurance companies, be sure to take a close look at each and find the best deal for you. Once you have determined how much coverage you need and which type of policy you want, it’s only a matter of comparing the information you gathered to select the best life insurance policy for your family.


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