When Will My Mail Arrive? How To Track Every Kind of Package You Get

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If you're constantly wondering, "when will my mail arrive?", there are so many solutions for you. Start keeping track of your mail, so that you can see when it's on the way and when it will be delivered. 

Never question the whereabouts of your important mail again. Keep reading for a guide on how to track mail of all kinds. 

Tracking Mail Through the United States Postal Service 

If you have certified mail you need to keep an eye on, you should try using "Informed Delivery". This is a free service offered by the United States Postal Service that provides detailed information regarding your mail delivery. 

This online dashboard will inform you of anything being sent to your house through USPS. You can even sign up for email notifications so that you will receive an email with details about your mail immediately.  

There is a "Mail Pieces" tab that will show you scanned photos of your mail envelopes. These scans will stay up for about 7 days after delivery. This is a great way to track important certified mail you've been waiting on, and can also help alarm you if any of your mail is going missing. 

If you're taking a vacation, this is a great way to track the mail that is coming to your house and to let a trusted neighbour know when they may need to pick up and store your mail for you until you return. 

Do you have important mail you need to send out but your not sure what the best way is? Head to this article on how to send a certified letter for more help. 

Similarly to the mail tab, there is a "Packages" tab, allowing you to track any packages that are going through USPS as well, but without any scanned photos. 

Tracking Packages Through UPS and FedEx

For tracking UPS packages, UPS offers a service called "My Choice". This is also an online service that allows you access to a dashboard complete with a calendar detailing when your packages are expected to arrive. This calendar will also include links allowing you the most updated whereabouts of your package. 

A similar service, FedEx offers a "Delivery Manager" system to help you track your packages. This system is available both online and through an app, and allows you to make adjustments to your deliveries. 

Out of town and need your package hidden in under a bench on your porch upon delivery? No problem! With the delivery manager app, you can leave delivery notes and instructions for your carrier, ensuring your packages are safe from being stolen or damaged. 

Never Wonder "When Will My Mail Arrive" Again

If your sick of asking yourself "when will my mail arrive?", download one or all of these helpful and free services today. Make sure your items and personal information are kept safe and private by tracking your mail with these services today. 

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