Cheese and mushroom Omelette

Making omelettes is a painless task that will only take a couple of minutes, they taste good and go with a variety of other foods (salads, chips, waffles etc).


3 - 4 Eggs
1 Small handful of grated cheese.
1 Large mushroom (or 3 - 5 small mushrooms) thinly sliced.
1 - 2 Ozs of butter (for frying with).

Place the butter/margarine in a frying pan on a medium heat.

Gently mix the eggs in a jug, until the white and the yolk are mixed (do not beat/whisk the eggs).

When the butter is melted pour the egg mix into the frying pan, gently tilt the pan until the mix covers the bottom of the pan, leave for several minutes until the egg begins to solidify.

At this point the bottom the of omelette will be solid and the top will still be runny, add the cheese and mushroom to the omelette, when the cheese is melted take a spatular and gently fold the omelette in half.

Continue to cook until the underside begins to brown. Flip the omelette over and brown the other side.

When both sides are browned serve immediately, the omelette can be cut into smaller portions if required.


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