Host a Kid's Ice Cream Dessert Party: Flavors, Toppings, Supplies

Use These Party Planning Ideas for Your Child's Party

Kids' ice cream with m&ms

Most kids and adults love ice cream. It's cold, delicately surprising, and absolutely delicious. So why not host an ice cream party in honor of this tasty dessert? 

Here are some party planning ideas to try:

  1. Invitations: Create invitations shaped like ice cream trucks. You can get these at a party supplies store or you can make your own. Write on the invitation with a marker so the information looks as if it were imprinted on the truck. If you can, stick on a "Scratch and Sniff" sticker of an ice cream sundae. Remember to add an R.S.V.P. so you have an idea of how much ice cream you'll need to buy.
  2. Location: Summertime is the best time for these parties, when colds aren't widespread and there's plenty of sun. You may host your event in the yard or in your kitchen. Both choices have their pros and cons. If you were to host it in the yard, cleaning up wouldn't be much of a problem because you wouldn't have to worry about dripping as much as you would inside. The yard however, may be warm, and cause the ice cream to melt faster. When choosing the latter, you will need plenty of dry ice and preferably a shaded place.
  3. Toppings: On the day itself, prepare dry ingredients before taking the ice cream out of the freezer. First, line bowls of different toppings on a long table. There are hundreds you can choose from to please both kids and adults; these are just a few ideas:
    • Chocolate sprinkles
    • Rainbow sprinkles
    • Chocolate chips
    • White chocolate chips
    • Hundreds and Thousands
    • Crumbled brownies
    • Assorted chopped nuts - walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc. ice cream party
    • M&Ms, Reese's Pieces, mini marshmallows
    • Crushed Oreo cookies
    • Crushed graham crackers
    • Crushed peanut butter cups
    • Chocolate Syrup 
    • Strawberry Syrup
    • Butterscotch Sauce
    • Sliced fresh fruit - banana, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, etc.
    • Dried fruit - kiwi, apricot, cherries, etc...
    • Chocolate buttons
    • Shredded coconut
    • Whipped cream
    • Cherries
  4. Ice cream! Once the toppings are out, place waffle cones, sugar cones, empty sundae glasses, and long silver spoons on a tray. You want to offer a variety of ways to eat the frozen treat. At this point, it really doesn't really matter if you just have vanilla. Children can experiment with different flavors using toppings! Of course, you may have as many flavors as you wish. Try to pick them based on your toppings. Walnuts, brownies, and chocolate syrup may go well with banana ice cream but they won't do as well with a kiwi sorbet. Even then, you shouldn't worry too much because it's hard to go wrong with ice cream.
  5. Water: Remember to make water available for everyone. Leave plastic cups out with a water cooler if you have one. And lastly, enjoy!

You can find some fun ice cream party supplies and decorations at your local store. However, the dessert itself will probably be enough to please most kids. Enjoy!


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Sounds like lots of fun.

By Judy Martin

What a cute article ! Wish I had kids to throw a party for.

By Brett Bilak