How To Grill Filet Mignon

Use These Tasty Tips When Grilling Those Steaks

Filet mignon steak with asparagus

When it comes to grilling filet mignon, less is more. Unlike many steak cuts that require marinating for tenderness, filet mignon, or tenderloin steak, needs very little preparation to get great results. Here's how to prepare filet mignon.

  1. To prepare the steak, grind fresh pepper all over or sprinkle with a rub like Emeril's Steak Rub or McCormick Montreal Steak Spice. Let the meat sit for 30 minutes for seasonings to absorb.
    • A wonderful seasoning for beef, available online if you live outside New England, is the Prime Rib Seasoning from Healthy Solutions spice mix company.
    • Another great seasoning for such high-quality beef is Amoré Garlic Paste, available in the gourmet or Italian food section of better grocery stores. Rub it on meat and then sprinkle with freshly ground pepper before cooking the meat.
    • If desired, especially if your beef is very lean, wrap a strip of bacon around the steak and secure with a toothpick that has been soaked in water for 20 minutes. It will flavor the meat and prevent it from drying out. This is only one of the many bacon wrapped filet mignon recipes.
  2. grilled filet mignonPreheat your grill to medium-high before grilling tenderloin steak. It is best when cooked to no more than medium, so it cooks quickly. Knowing how long to grill filet mignon is an art because there are very precise cooking times.
    • If you have a gas grill, reduce the heat after searing the steak on both sides to finish cooking without drying it out.
    • With a charcoal grill, sear the steak and then push some (about 1/3) of the coals to one side and finish over the cooler section.
    • Whether gas or charcoal, cover the grill after searing.
  3. Do not salt meat until after it is seared on both sides. Salting before that causes the juices to be drawn out of the steak and the meat to toughen.
  4. Cooking time will vary depending on how well you want it done. Cook to desired doneness and test with a digital or instant-read meat thermometer. For medium, cook to 145F (63F); for rare, cook to 130F (54C); and for well-done (which I do not recommend for a cut so lean!), cook to 160F (71C).
  5. Use tongs or a spatula on the grill rather than a fork. Piercing the meat allows the juices to leak out and the steak to dry!
  6. Allow meat to rest five minutes, covered with foil and on the flip-side of where it last was on the grill, before serving.
  7. For a new flavor sensation, drizzle your finished steaks with finest extra virgin olive oil possible just before serving!

Try these methods the next time you want a tasty filet mignon. Grilling is the best way to cook this type of meat. Know that you know how to grill filet mignon, you can get started. Good luck!


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