How To Throw Pool Parties: Pool Party Decorations and Games

Learn About Swimming Pool Safety and More with These Tips

Kids swimming in the pool

Ahhh the summer pool party...the staple to summer fun! Send out the invites and follow these simple ideas to create the best pool party imaginable! 

  1. Do you have a pool?  If you don't, then your party planning will have to include someone else's pool. The important thing, however, is to keep the size of the pool in mind before creating your guest list. Every pool has a maximum capacity, so keeping that in mind is important. Of course not everyone will be in the pool at the same time, so taking into consideration the size of your yard is important as well.
  2. Pre Party Pool Care - Your swimming pool should be sparkling clean when your guests arrive. It will be necessary to keep a tight cleaning schedule for your pool in the weeks prior to the party. Regular vacuuming, skimming, and treating will prevent any build up and discoloration of the water before your party. Not only will this make the pool look impressive, it will also make it more appealing to the guests for swimming. If you are new to owning a pool, consult an expert at your pool supplies store and they will provide you with all of the proper items to keep your pool sparkling clean!
  3. Games and Toys - You'll want to have appropriate games and toys available. Pool toys can be one of the most important items at your party! Chances are if you have had a pool for some time, you will have a good collection of toys, but you'll need a real variety for your party. Have some that appeal to the adults and some for the children. Consider smaller items like squirt guns and diving items, such as rings, sticks, and eggs. These toys will keep children busy at all times! Also for the guests of all ages, consider a basketball hoop or volleyball net for the water. This will please adults and children alike!

    Flotation devices are always a must, especially for adults. There are a wide array of floating rafts. You can find inflatable rafts for as little as $3-5, but those do not always hold steady - they really end up being fun for the kids. There are more durable inflatables that may run you more in the $20-30 range, but they will be relaxing for the adults at the party. Also consider kick boards for the kids. They will have a blast flying around splashing behind one of them!

    Never forget to buy swimming noodles. These are the long foamish looking flotation devices! They can be used for a variety of activities and games! They are fun for all ages and can be found for only a few dollars at most stores!

    Having a few pairs of goggles and flippers is always fun for the kids as well.

  4. Swimming Pool Safety - You and your guests will be much more comfortable if you know that your children are safe. Even if the adults are not swimming, always make sure that there are at least a few adults with a sharp eye on the pool. Even the most experienced swimmer can drown, especially when kids are at play. Having life jackets handy for the children is never a bad idea, nor are arm floaties for the smaller kids. Encourage parents to bring these along, but have a few spares as well!
  5. Out of Water Festivities - You'll want your pool party decorations to surround the pool as well. Since not everyone will be in the pool at the same time, it is important to keep the fun rolling on dry land as well. Keep your guests interested in luau - used beach decorations, play music, and have appetizers. If you are having a meal, consider making it a pot luck where everyone brings something. Think about setting up a smaller plastic pool for parents with small babies who may not be able to have fun in the larger pool.
  6. Have Fun!!! Above all...have fun! A pool party should be a laid back, carefree time.Keep the toys and the snacks flowing, and you will be golden! Try and plan for a warm day, but not a scorching day. Make sure your guests stay hydrated and safe, and everyone will have a great time! 


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