How To Throw a Great Graduation Party

Throwing a graduation party is often an honor for a proud parent as well as one of the most memorable life moments for the graduate. As parents you will want to give your graduate a party he will always remember. Use this guide to throw a great graduation party.

  1. Talk to your graduate before the party to find out who he wants on the guest list and to communicate limits, on your part and his. He won't want to be treated like a child, but at the same time, you will be throwing the party, which may very well be in your home.
  2. Make a guest list allowing for a few party crashers and send out invitations. By mailing the invitations, you can get the names and addresses of most of the people who will be at the party. You can look up phone numbers from the names and addresses, just in case you need them.
  3. You have several cool choices for invitations. The invitation can be diploma scrolls tied in ribbon matching the school colors, paper graduation caps, or photographs of your school with the party information on the back.
  4. Make your graduate feel special. Go a bit overboard with party favors and graduation themes.
  5. This is one of those rare occasions where you can invite family members as well as friends. Try to include proud aunts, uncles, and grandparents, perhaps setting aside a room for them to escape from the noise and excitement of the party.
  6. Keep the graduates busy to make the party run smoothly and quickly. Party games can include charades that involve guessing what teacher is being impersonated, or important school events that the seniors might remember. Each member can make up who or what he is going to act out. You can also plan a cool activity like having them make a time capsule and putting the valedictorian or someone reliable in charge of it for the school reunion years later.
  7. For party favors, you can supply each guest with white t-shirts, or cheap graduation hats that all their friends can sign. Make sure they do not put sign the shirts while wearing over nice clothes as permanent markers can ruin them.

  8. Have a party theme that goes along with wherever the party is being thrown. Have a pool party if you have access to a pool. If you can have it at a beach, or in a large yard, have a bonfire, if you only have a basement as your party place; throw a dance party or retro disco.
  9. Take lots of digital pictures and collect email addresses to share them after the party. Create a scrapbook of the party for the graduate.
  10. Prepare lots of food. The more they eat, the less any alcohol (if age-appropriate) will affect them. Make sure the food goes with the theme of the party.


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