chicory 'witlof' dutch traditional

the way my mother made it.. not my grandmother, because in her time witlof didn't exist - yet.

Brussel's lof you make best in the oven. In fact, kids will dislike any other receipe (based on cooking or raw chicory) but will love this.

Ingredients (2-3 pers)
witlof, 4-5 pcs.
ham (jambon), slices, 100g
cheese (young, not creamy), slices, 150-200g

Clean the witlof (remove outer leaves, cut them in halves, remove solid core), wash them briefly.

Put the witlof in an 2" height 10" tall oven plate (glass), tight to eachother. Let them face with the cutted side up.

Now first, put the jambon on top of it, so that you have 1 layer. then the cheese (1 layer).

that's it. the secret is that the juices of the meat (and some fat of the cheese) get into the witlof, and make it tasty and remove the bitterness.

put it in the oven for about 20-25 minutes at 160-170 degrees (electric oven, preheated). If oven is not preheated, this will be about 30-35 minutes. don't cover the plate.

The witlof is ready as soon as the cheese is fully melted (that is: with dutch cheese) and the juice at the bottom of the plate just began boiling.

Tip: for partys, you can (optionally cut 1 witlof in 4 pieces) wrap the jambon around 1/2 or 1/4 witlof. Cooled down they are just as good as hot!

Vegetarians: just leave out the jambon. Witlof with cheese in the oven is an excellent combination as well.



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