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Do you want to be the host (or hostess) with the most? When entertaining family or friends, knowing what to serve as a drink with your appetizer can make or break your party. Be in the know!

Are you an aspiring bartender who wants to liven up your next party with something new for your friends? Are you struggling with your margarita making? Or maybe you need to work on your daiquiris. Knowing how to fix frozen drinks can make the difference between dull and divine.

Do you need to know how to use that coffee press you got for your last special occasion – and then, do you need to know what to do with all of those coffee grounds? There’s no need to look any further than here. We have the answers you need! You can learn the best way to brew tea, and find out whether white tea is any better than green tea. No matter your question, we have you covered.

Entertain with ease or just mix something up for yourself. Try something new or try a twist on an old favorite. Determine whether your entrée works best with coffee, tea or liquor. Here is the place for you to find answers on a wide variety of topics ranging from the best martini recipes to dealing with caffeine withdrawal. Whether you are bartending or are acting as the barista for large or small groups, the information you are looking for is just a few clicks away. Our database has thousands of articles that can give you the drink and cocktail information you need, when you need it the most.

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    Scotch is whisky made in Scotland. It has been produced there for hundreds of years. Although it is an acquired taste just like beer and wine, many people are hooked...
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    Sauternes (pronounced as soh-TEHRN, not soh-tehr-nes) is a delicately sweet French dessert wine originating from the Sauternais region of Bordeaux’s Graves...
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    This recipe for a Kool-Aid Slushy is a fun and simple treat for the kids in the summertime heat.
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    For a fun and colorful summer treat to beat the heat, try this Mountain Dew Slushy recipe, an easy treat for kids!
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    Sate your sweet tooth and your need for a drink in one gulp with this recipe for Almond Joy and Milky Way Martinis.
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  • How To Garnish a Tropical Drink

    No tropical drink or exotic cocktail is complete until you garnish your tropical drink properly.
  • How To Make a Candy Apple Martini

    The candy apple martini is a sweet variation on the classic martini, and you can easily make this sweet and sour candy apple martini cocktail.
  • How To Distill Gin

    With a home distillery set up, you can distill gin according to your own recipe by following these gin-making steps.
  • How To Buy Distilled Water

    Because distilled water is pure water, it is safe for drinking and is a good idea to mix with infant formula. Learn how to buy distilled water.
  • How To Buy Champagne Flutes

    Champagne flutes are for keeping wines bubbly and chilled while drinking. Learn tips for buying champagne flutes that look classy.
  • How To Brew Bock Beer

    Bock beer is a traditional German lager and a great beer to brew as a home brew. Follow these steps to brew bock beer with the right mix of hops, malt, yeast, etc.
  • How To Hire a Bartender for a Party

    Parties serving alcoholic drinks are more enjoyable with a skilled bartender filling drink orders. Learn how to hire a bartender for a party.
  • How To Drink Scotch Whiskey Like a Expert

    You don’t need to be a real expert or connoisseur on scotch whiskey, but you can drink it as if you were one (and without letting others know that you actually...
  • How To Drink Fernet

    Many people consider Fernet to be a healthy alcoholic drink because of the herbs and spices it contains.
  • How To Recarbonate Flat Home Brew Beer

    Here’s how you can recarbonate your home brew beer that has gone flat.