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  • How To Make Soda Pop

    Soda is one of the most popular bottled beverages anywhere around. Learn how you can make your own version of soda pop at home.
  • How To Make Cappuccino Foam

    With just a little practice, it is easy to make perfect cappuccino foam to top your own homemade cappuccinos.
  • How To Make Gin

    Gin and vodka are very similar; in fact, you can make your own gin by flavoring and filtering a bottle of vodka. Learn how to make gin.
  • How To Find Cheap Whiskey Glasses Online

    Drinking whiskey from a whiskey glass enhances the drinking experience. Sites are provided to find cheap whiskey glasses online.
  • How To Make Potato Vodka

    Vodka, a colorless alcohol, is one of the most popular and versatile alcoholic beverages. It can be consumed straight or mixed into cocktails. Vodka, which is...
  • How To Make a Blackberry Wine

    Blackberry wine is a delicious way to use blackberries. This recipe is recommended for those who have some experience making their own wines.
  • How To Make English Toffee Cappuccino

    For a delicious English toffee cappuccino, just go to your pantry. It is easy to get that sought-after coffee shop taste at home.
  • How To Make Calendula Tea

    Calendula is also known as Pot Marigold. Used as an herbal remedy for many years, it can be made into oils, creams, or tea. Learn how to make Calendula tea.
  • How To Make Lemon Cordial

    Making your own lemon cordial at home is inexpensive and enjoyable, and creates a delicious version of this popular drink. Learn how to make lemon cordial.
  • How To Make Rose Hip Tea

    Rose hips are known for their high content of vitamins C and A and carotene. Follow this recipe to make healthful rose hip tea.
  • How To Make Chai Tea Lattes

    Try this recipe for making Chai tea lattes, a uniquely spicy yet creamy drink that has been enjoyed for centuries in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia.
  • How To Make Mocha

    Mocha is a latte with the addition of chocolate sauce and is a coffee house favorite. Try this recipe with a delicious combination of espresso, steamed milk, and milk...
  • How To Brew Sarsaparilla

    There are two basic methods of brewing sarsaparilla; one produces a drink similar to modern root beer, the other a traditional alcoholic drink.
  • How To Compare Types of Wine Coolers

    Looking for wine coolers? Perhaps you are a wine enthusiast or a businessman handling wines. Whatever background you have, looking for wine coolers can actually be...
  • How To Make Mullein Tea

    Learning how to make mullein tea will help you add a versatile brew to your home remedy repertoire. There are three ways to make mullein tea.
  • How To Fill a Liquor Flask

    Filling a liquor flask can be messy for the inexperienced. With a few simple techniques, you can learn to fill your flask without any spills.
  • How To Make Bourbon Whiskey

    Bourbon whiskey has clearly defined characteristics and the steps to making it are fairly straightforward.
  • How To Make a Coffee Filter

    Save money and enjoy convenience. You don't need to go without your morning coffee just because you ran out of coffee filters.
  • How To Use a Screwpull

    Use these tips on using a screwpull bottle opener to open your bottle of wine perfectly every time.
  • How To Use a Corkscrew Bottle Opener

    Have you experienced an embarrassing moment because you can’t get a cork out of a bottle with your corkscrew? Learn how to use a corkscrew bottle opener.
  • How To Make a Tap Water Filter

    Here is a simple and inexpensive way to make your own tap water filter system, using items that you can easily buy locally or online.
  • Make Fresh Grapefruit Juice

    To learn how to make grapefruit juice, the following steps are a guideline for the freshest tasting juice.
  • How To Make Bottle Labels

    If you make wine, shampoo or anything that goes in a bottle, making handmade labels is part of the fun. Use these instructions to label any bottle.
  • How To Make Raspberry Juice

    When the raspberry harvest is plentiful, consider transforming some of those fresh beauties into raspberry juice you can use later in the year.
  • How To Make a Pink Flirtini

    There are several variations of the Pink Flirtini. Whether classic or with a fun new twist, these drinks are perfect for a girls' day by the pool.
  • How To Make Watermelon Shot Cocktail

    Watermelon flavored shots and cocktails are bound to be a hit at any party; learn some recipes that are both fun and classic.
  • How To Use a French Coffee Press

    Most people throughout the world wake up to a cup of coffee. Learn how to use a French coffee press to make your morning cup of coffee.
  • How To Make Slivovitz

    Although you can make slivovitz using virtually any fruit, traditional slivovitz is made using only very ripe prune plums, also called sugar plums.
  • How To Make Smirnoff Ice

    Here's how you can achieve that same great taste of store-bought Smirnoff Ice by mixing together these simple ingredients with any plain vodka.
  • How To Use Espresso Machine

    Espresso is all about how the coffee is made, and the pressure of the water when making this coffee. Let's get into how to use an espresso machine.
  • How To Make Blackcurrant Cordial

    Blackcurrant cordial is a wonderfully full-bodied cordial. Blackcurrant cordial is simple to make and, if bottled properly, will last indefinitely.
  • How To Make Kirsch Liqueur

    Kirsch liqueur, often called Kirsch in America, is a cherry-flavored, colorless brandy. Learn how to make your own Kirsch liqueur.
  • How To Make Slushies

    Making your own slushies allows you to customize them with your favorite flavors. Learn what you need to make your own slushies.
  • How To Drink Bourbon Whiskey

    Just as rum is associated with Barbados and vodka with Russia, bourbon whiskey is associated with America. Learn how to drink bourbon whiskey.
  • How To Make Strawberry Bubble Tea

    If you've never tried to make strawberry bubble tea before, that's not unusual. Learn a fast, fun way to make strawberry bubble tea.
  • How To Make Tea Bags

    Have you ever made a custom blend of herbal, black or green tea? Or does your favorite tea simply not come in bags? Learn to make tea bags.
  • How To Use a Milk Frother

    A milk frother is the little tube attached to most espresso machines. Use a milk frother to make cappuccinos, cafe lattes, and other fine coffees.
  • How To Use a Juicer

    A juicer is a popular, small kitchen appliance. A juicer is easy to use, and you can make lots of great beverages right at home from fresh fruit.
  • How To Use a Beer Hydrometer

    Beer hydrometers help home brewers determine when fermentation is complete. They are not very expensive and are very easy to use properly.
  • How To Clean a Hip Flask

    Hip flasks are back in vogue, usually constructed of stainless steel or silver and given as a gift. They look great and are easy to clean.
  • How To Make Catuaba Tea

    With our growing awareness of herbs and alternative medicines, we're learning to benefit from the healing attributes of Catuaba tea.
  • How To Serve Tea

    The process of serving tea is actually quite easy after you have properly prepared the ambiance. Learn some tea-time traditions.
  • How To Make a Pink Lemonade

    Chilled to perfection, there is nothing like a big glass of pink lemonade on a hot afternoon! Learn to make your own pink lemonade.
  • How To Make a Tamarind Margarita

    If you're interested in making an exotic margarita, try this recipe for tamarind margaritas.
  • How to Add Creative Flavors to Coffee

    Are you a coffee drinker who likes to experiment with coffee to create differently-flavored coffees? Here are some tips on how to do that.
  • How To Find Organic Tea

    Organic tea tends to be a bit more expensive than ordinary tea, because planting the herbs, fruit and other tea plants is a bit labor intensive.
  • How To Prepare Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

    If you want to make your own freshly squeezed lemonade, you can do so with some ingredients that may already be in your kitchen. Follow these steps to make fresh...
  • How To Flavor Coffee at Home

    Save money and make these indulgent flavored coffees right at home to enjoy anytime.
  • How To Make Bovril

    You can purchase Bovril at the store, and with it you can add your own flavorings to the beverage or snacks you make.
  • How To Reuse Empty Wine Bottles

    If you love drinking wine, you have a lot of empty wine bottles stored in your house. You can do a lot of things with these wine bottles in order to recycle and reuse...