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  • How To Personalize a Wine Glass

    A plain wine glass may be a boring item to give as a gift, but it can turn into a cherished item if it has been personalized to suit the personality of the one...
  • How To Make Your Own Basement Wine Cellar

    When transforming your basement into a wine cellar, you can hire a contractor or buy wine cellar kits that you can easily follow provided you have all the right...
  • How To Make Red Wine Vinegar

    Red wine vinegar has a more subtle taste to it compared to white vinegar. It contains more or less 5% to 10% acid, which is less than the typical vinegar that you use.
  • How To Make Neon Ice Cubes

    Glowing neon ice cubes can add character to drinks. Here's how you can make neon ice cubes to add to your cocktails.
  • How To Buy Bulk Champagne Glasses

    If you're having a wedding or other event, it may be cheaper to buy champagne glasses in bulk than to rent them or purchase them at retail prices.
  • How To Buy an Energy Drink

    Here's how to find the best places to buy low cost and high quality energy drinks.
  • How To Understand the Antioxidant Levels in Green Tea

    The antioxidant levels in green tea vary. Learn why some green teas have higher antioxidant levels than others and how to choose.
  • How To Make Your Own Ginger Extract

    Ginger extract is a healthy and tasty herbal beverage that is easy to make yourself. Follow these directions for making your own ginger extract at home.
  • How To Make Novelty Ice Cubes

    Just like the normal ice cubes, novelty ice cubes are created using ice cube trays. Novelty ice cubes can add class and fun to cocktail drinks. Here are some tips to...
  • How To Create a Wine Gourmet Basket

    A wine gourmet basket is the perfect gift for all occasions. Here are some tips to help you make your own wine gift basket.
  • How To Use Milk Thistle Tea for Weight Loss

    Milk thistle tea is among the newest tea trends for weight loss. Here's how to learn more facts about milk thistle.
  • How To Buy a Commercial Juice Extractor

    In buying a commercial juice extractor, you have to first know the types of professional juicers so that you will be able to match the needs of your business.
  • How To Make Power Juicer Recipes

    For a quick and easily ingested burst of nutrition, fresh juice everyday is the way to go. Here's how to make some delicious ones!
  • Make Jello Shots

    Jello is a delicious snack in general so at your next party bring out the Jello with a little kick, by turning it into Jello shots. Try this recipe for making Jello...
  • How To Choose the Best Sports Energy Drink

    All right boys and girls, this one's for the hardest workers and true athletes who work on it day in and day out--for those who truly need energy drinks in order to...
  • How To Make Some Basic Recipes for Nutritious Juice

    Making fruit-juices out of fresh fruits is quite easy and fun. A basic recipe for a nutritious juice includes the following.
  • How To Pack Wine and Liquor

    Learn how to package your good wine and fine liquor when relocating, including the types of packing supplies to use.
  • How a Breville Juice Extractor Works

    There are many juice extractors, but the Breville juice extractor is considered to be the best among the rest. You will get to enjoy vitamin and mineral rich, hale and...
  • How To Make Your Own Red Wine

    If you love drinking red wine, then you might as well learn how to make it since there is nothing more fulfilling than indulging yourself in the “fruits of your...
  • How To Make Homemade Flavored Water

    If you are in the mood for a refreshing beverage you can make at home in an easy and painless way, try to make homemade flavored water the easy and healthy way.
  • Coffee Varieties and Flavors

    There is a plethora of coffee varieties and flavors. Varieties, for one thing, present a large array of possible categories. In this article we tackle varieties in two...
  • How To Make Chocolate Milk

    Here are some easy-to-follow steps to make chocolate milk.
  • How To Make Wassail

    Follow this easy recipe to make a hot spicy cup of wassail on a cold winter day.
  • How To Make a Protein Rich Shake

    Protein powder is best used to make a protein rich shake, and can be purchased from a nutritional store, or most grocery stores.
  • How To Make a Latte Milk Foam Heart for Your Coffee

    A barista may draw a simple design using milk foam. It takes some practice but looks quite impressive. Here's how to make a latte milk foam heart for your coffee.
  • How To Make a Delicious High Protein Shake

    Get the protein you need--and anything else that might be missing from your diet--from a delicious shake.
  • How To Make a Delicious Hot Chocolate Mix

    There's nothing like homemade hot chocolate and it's quite a bit less spendy than the store-bought variety.
  • How To Make a Homemade Blackberry Soda

    Learn to make homemade blackberry soda, a delicious and refreshing treat that is surprisingly easy to make.
  • How To Make Iced Hot Chocolate

    Do you love hot cocoa, and wish you could drink something similar during the hot summer months? You can enjoy hot chocolate in the summer by making it into an iced...
  • How To Make Espresso Drinks

    Do you wish you could make espresso drinks at home like the experienced baristas at your favorite café? With a little practice and a good espresso machine, it is...
  • How To Prepare Cafe Au Lait

    Café au Lait, or literally coffee with milk, is a French coffee drink. It is made with coffee or espresso and steamed milk. Although popular in coffee shops, it can...
  • How To Make a High Protein Shake

    High protein shakes are a great tasting way to get more protein into your daily diet. Protein is especially important if you are exercising and trying to build muscle....
  • How To Chill a Beer in 20 Seconds

    This is known as the holy grail of beer drinkers the world over: how to chill beer in so short a time. It has puzzled the minds and hearts of beer lovers and bar...
  • How To Make a Strawberry Mango Milkshake

    To have a healthy lifestyle, you have to eat healthy. As doctors say, we need to have five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. For some people, this is quite a...
  • How To Hold Your Liquor

    In social situations, it's never good to be known as the drunk who couldn't hold his liquor. Enjoy yourself at parties but know the tricks for keeping your alcohol...
  • How To Throw an Academy Awards Party

    One of the biggest nights for show business is the Academy Awards. It is held every year and honors the brightest and best in the movie industry. Some of the...
  • How To Make a Kegerator

    The freshest form of beer is that which comes out of a draft. It seems to have just that extra hint of flavor and freshness that bottled beer does not. However,...
  • How To Throw a Great Bachelor Party

    One of the best things about a friend of yours getting married is the bachelor party that will take place. It is usually up to the best man and other groomsmen to...
  • How To Make Holiday Punch

    Try something new this holiday season. Here is a recipe for a few holiday punch ideas.
  • How To Make a Jello Shot

    Jello shots are popular drinks at frat parties and summer bar-b-ques. These drinks won't require much clean up and are easy to make. Consider adding some creativity...
  • How To Stay Fit

    Staying fit is a goal that many of us have, but a goal that many of us fail at. Whether it is working too many hours or not knowing the right things to eat, staying...
  • How To Save Money Christmas Shopping

    It's the best time of year and the most expensive time of year.  We are all excited about the Christmas season, but we still have to worry about our budgets and how...
  • How To Make a Vodka and Redbull

    It is one of the most popular drinks out there, and everyone wants to know how to make it. The mix of vodka and Redbull has become the go-to drink for all-night...
  • How To Make a Crown and Coke

    One of the easiest, yet most sophisticated, drinks to make is the ever infamous crown and coke. Made by mixing Crown Royal whiskey and Coca Cola, this is a great...
  • How To Make Homemade Wine

    Many people don't realize how easy it is to make homemade wine. This rewarding experience uses common household equipment, and the results are delicious.
  • How To Make Ginger Ale

    Although you can buy ginger ale in the grocery store, it's a lot more fun to make it yourself. This refreshing and healthy drink is delicious and easy to make. In...
  • How To Make Open Cola

    While most famous sodas, including Pepsi and Coca-Cola, carefully guard their recipe secrets, some have released their formulae. The most well-known of these is Open...
  • How To Infuse Vodka with Flavor

    If you find ordinary vodka a little boring, try a flavor infusion. This can add a unique twist, and it can be a lot of fun at parties. You can be creative when...
  • How To Make Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

    One of the most refreshing ways to start your day is by drinking a glass of freshly orange juice.
  • How To Throw a Company Christmas Party

    It's been a long year and you want to reward your employees for all their hard work they have put in.  You don't want buy each employee a gift, but you still want to...