Desserts & Pastries

Whether you're hosting a party for family and friends or cooking up an after school delight for your children, baked goods are the crowning glory of a kitchen. They also make a simple yet stunning gift for the holidays, a heart-felt thank you, or a sweet treat for your neighbor down the street.

With the expert recipes and tips on our site you'll be able to whip up a breathtaking dessert in no time. Our recipes will guide you step by step through each dessert. Recipe are written as though you've discovered a long lost letter from a dear friend. The friendly wording bolsters your confidence as you attack each recipe with the tenacity of a professional chef. There are recipes for simple desserts such as a round cake or a chocolate cake. There are medium difficulty recipes like a flaky pie crust or pumpkin custard pie. However, the real treasures on this site are our harder recipes, which are transformed into easy treats that even a novice cook can complete. These include such delights as chocolate flavored peanut butter, champagne truffles and blueberry jam!

Or, perhaps you find yourself completely lacking in culinary skills of any kind and you'd rather pick up some baked goods for your party or a gift for a loved one. Our articles will help you find the best the Internet has to offer. Learn where to get the best bagels, low-fat desserts and homemade candy with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Now you can read your way to a dessert that will wow your friends and family. With these great recipes and tips, you're sure to have rave reviews in no time at all!

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