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  • How To Set a Table for Fine Dining

    Do you want to set up a fine dining table at home for your next special occasion? With the right equipment, you can create a formal table.
  • How To Choose a Catering Business

    The best catering businesses ensure quality food on their menu as well as services to make a memorable occasion. Read tips for choosing a catering business.
  • How To Avoid Foods that Cause Constipation

    To maintain colon health and to avoid constipation problems, you need to eat more fiber-rich foods. In addition, it is better to avoid foods that contribute to...
  • How To Make Artificial Ice

    Most artificial ice found in large quantities (ice hockey rink) is created using machinery; try this science experiment to make artificial ice at home using chemistry.
  • How To Purchase Buffalo Meat

    If you love to eat meat but you are worried about cholesterol, buffalo meat is the answer.
  • How To Make an Edible Fruit Arrangement

    Edible arrangements have seen wide use in decorating tables for parties and other equally festive occasions. While a flower arrangement with fresh in-season flowers or...
  • How To Order a Pizza Online

    If you're tired of ordering pizza over the phone, use these tips to order pizza on the Web.
  • Ideas for Elegant Food Design

    Here are some ideas you can use for elegant food design that you can try on your own food recipes
  • How To Enjoy Fine Dining for Less

    You don't have to spend your entire salary going out to eat. Here are budget-friendly remedies to dine in style for less.
  • How To Make a Subway Sandwich

    For people who like to create their own Subway sandwich, you do not need to know Subway’s secrets for creating a luscious, homemade sandwich.
  • Components of Sea Salt

    In addition to giving our food a saltier taste, sea salt is also used in cosmetic products, since it can give our skin a healthier glow.
  • How To Decorate Champagne Bottles

    Champagne bottles can make eye-catching decorations and centerpieces. Get some great ideas for decorating your champagne bottles.
  • How To Use a Corkscrew Bottle Opener

    Have you experienced an embarrassing moment because you can’t get a cork out of a bottle with your corkscrew? Learn how to use a corkscrew bottle opener.
  • How To Prevent Ice from Melting

    You're on a picnic or throwing a party, and you don't want your ice to melt. There are many tricks that you can use to keep your ice from melting.
  • How To Seal Bottles with Wax

    Do you make your own wine, beer or mead? Did you know that you can seal your bottles with wax, as in the medieval days?
  • How To Open an Oyster with a Knife

    Oysters 'au naturel' - eaten fresh from the shell - are best enjoyed when you open them immediately before eating. Here are the tips on how to safely do that.
  • How To Make Baskets for Fruit Arrangement

    Fruit bouquets are popular and eye-catching. Any fruit bouquet, however, needs an equally pretty basket to bring the entire piece together.
  • How To Buy Turmeric

    Turmeric is a bright yellow spice that's used in Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. If you know where to look, it's easy to buy turmeric.
  • How To Make a Barbeque Branding Iron

    With a barbecue branding iron, you are free to be artistic and have a personalized steak with embossed designs like letters. Learn how to make a barbecue branding iron.
  • How To Use Rose Hips

    This article discusses the many uses for rose hips and how you can cook them for these different uses.
  • How To Make a Basket Weave

    A basket weave design on top of a freshly made pie can be an impressive display of culinary aptitude. Here's how to make a basket weave on your pies.
  • How To Make Colored Noodles

    Making colored noodles to eat or to include in fashion jewelry, collages or cards is fun and easy; you can even involve the kids in the fun!
  • How To Make a Watermelon Basket

    You can make a very easy watermelon basket or a complicated one. Fill it with watermelon balls from the flesh that you take out, or add a variety of fruit.
  • How To Fold a Napkin into a Heart

    Heart-shaped napkins add a sweet and special touch to any dinner. Learn how to fold heart-shaped napkins here.
  • How To Keep Ice Cubes Frozen Longer for Your Next Party

    Some tips to make your ice cubes last longer at your next party.
  • How To Make Napkin Rings

    Napkin rings are a great way to dress up your dinner table. Be creative and make your own napkin rings.
  • How To Host a Mystery Themed Party for Adults

    Mystery themed parties are popular not only among youngsters, but adults as well. Mystery themes are excellent for birthday parties as well as other events because...
  • How To Cook a Sexy Dinner Full of Aphrodisiacs

    Who says that you need to dine out every time there’s an event to celebrate? Have you ever tried preparing an exclusive dinner in the comforts of your own home? If...
  • How To Choose a Restaurant

    The big event! The proposal....a business deal closer.....Mother's Day.....Spouse's Birthday....How do you pick a restaurant?  Well, the occasion itself will shape...
  • How To Host a Great Sunday Brunch

    Take breakfast from boring to beautiful with these tips and theme ideas that make for a fun, economical and unforgettable Sunday brunch.
  • How To Throw a Keg Party

    For most college kids one of the most popular forms of parties is a keg party.  It is a time to have all of your friends over, and even some people that are not...
  • How To Find and Use Caterers

    If you're hosting an event, you know that you can't do it all on your own. You're going to need lots of help preparing enough food to keep your guests happy, so a...
  • How To Make an Ice Centerpiece

    Ice sculptures scream sophistication and expense when displayed at parties or special events. If you want to dress up your event but don't want to add the expense to...
  • How To Throw a Hot Tub Party

    Whether you're new in town or you just want to get together with your friends, throwing a hot tub party is a great idea. Your friends will love hanging out in your hot...
  • How To Throw a Wonderful Tea Party

    Throw an unforgettable tea party experience for you and your friends.
  • How To Use Quinoa in Your Meals

    Quinoa punches way, way, way above its weight in the battle of the grains. Never heard of it? You and your family are missing out big time in both nutrition and...
  • How To Throw a Tea Party

    Below you will find a simple guide to hosting an elegant, thoughtfully planned out, and slightly untraditional tea party. The task of throwing a tea party can seem...
  • How To Get Someone to Hate a Television Show You Love

    There's nothing more exciting than introducing a friend to a television show you love, and firing him or her with enthusiasm to watch more. Learn about what not to do...
  • How To Send Out Graduation Announcements

    Graduations are always exciting, and most people are glad to hear the news about a graduation. However, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind when sending out...
  • How To Set a Table

    An elegant table setting can make your dining room or special occasion radiant. Spending a few moments on table presentation will allow you to create a soothing...
  • How To Clean Tarnish from Sterling Silver

    Whether it is sterling silverware or another sterling silver object, try these methods for cleaning and reviving your tarnished ware back to a glorious glint! Try...
  • How To Use Chopsticks

    Chopsticks are two thin sticks, usually made of wood, used by many oriental cultures as our fork. Learning how to use them is not as difficult as it seems, but you are...
  • How To Throw a Hollywood Theme Party

    If you've ever thrown a theme party before, you know how much fun they can be both to plan and to attend. Theme parties are a great way to get your friends together...
  • How To Organize a Smoothie Party

    Smoothies are a great way to get together with family and friends, create and enjoy!
  • How To Cut Onions With No Tears

    When cutting, chopping and mincing onions, the tears will flow unless a few simple precautions are taken.
  • How To Make Old Fashioned Giblet Gravy

    This is an old fashioned recipe that has been passed down in my family. This recipe is for a large gathering.
  • Host a Black and White Party: Invitations, Decorations and Food

    It's Friday night. You get ready, gather up all your friends and then do the same, old, tired thing you did last weekend...and the weekend before that. Doesn't that...
  • How To Throw a Wig Party

    Determine how you will include the wigs. You must begin thinking about how you are going to incorporate the wigs into your party or activity early in the event...
  • How To Start a Conversation: Starters for Making Conversation

    Some people make it seem effortless… they glide across a room and, after just a few words, have kindled a warm conversation with a complete stranger. For the rest of...
  • How To Get Good Customer Service

    Everyone likes to receive good customer service. And we can all probably recall times that we received customer service that was extraordinary. Here are a few tips...