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    Good health. It's something everyone desires, for reasons relating to general well-being to a reduced risk of illness and disease.When it comes to healthy eating, 8...
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    There are many ways to prepare a turkey, including deep-frying, smoking and of course, roasting. Because turkeys are usually served during very special occasions,...
  • How To Get a Goose Ready for Cooking

    In place of turkey, some families prefer to serve goose for Christmas dinners and other special occasions. A goose has an individual flavor, which is different from...
  • How To Tenderize your Meat with a Kiwi Fruit

    Meat tenderizing is a typical cooking procedure meant to reduce the toughness of the fibers in a cut of meat. With meat tenderizing, meat fibers are broken down and...
  • How To Use a Panini Grill

    The word “Panini” is Italian for sandwich, and if you are a big sandwich lover you could do well with having a Panini grill at hand. A Panini grill enables you to...
  • How To Substitute Whole Wheat Pastry Flour for White Flour in Baking

    Healthy living starts in the kitchen. If you want to eat right, you need to make sure that you pay attention to the ingredients that you use for cooking. If you love...
  • How To Use Leftover Bread

    Nobody likes eating stale bread. Not only is it dry and tasteless, but stale bread can sometimes develop mold. It seems that you'll always end up with a few leftover...
  • How To Slow Cook Beef Spare Ribs

    Braising is a method of cooking wherein the protein is cooked slowly at low heat for a long time. This method of slow cooking has been around for centuries. One of the...
  • How To Use Italian Cooking Utensils

    Through the years, Italian cuisine has been steadfast in creating a fine dining experience for all its fans. The mere mention of it instantly brings freshly made...
  • How To Use a Fry Daddy to Make Steak Fries

    If you want to be able to cook restaurant style steak cut fries, then a Presto Fry Daddy is a kitchen essential in your home! This handy product lets you deep fry...
  • How To Use a Smoker BBQ

    Smoking is a commonly used way of cooking meat. The end product of this process is barbequed meat, a dish that is very popular to almost all generations all over the...
  • How To Use an Oven Probe Thermometer

    An oven thermometer is a significant part of a kitchen. It is a device that provides accurate oven temperature readings and ensures that there’s enough heat for your...
  • How To Season Chicken Wings

    Chicken wings are one of the classic home favorites. One of the reasons whys chicken wings has become so popular is because they can be cooked in a wide variety of...
  • How To Season Crab Legs

    When summer arrives, crabs are one of the best dishes that you should cook for the family. Crab legs have very tender meat that has a full but subtle flavor that...
  • How To Prepare Snow Crab Legs

    The snow crab legs you buy from the supermarket have already been cooked, so all you need really is to have them reheated. But although reheating them is a rather...
  • How To Cook Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

    Boneless skinless breast has a tendency to dry out if cooked improperly, but it is also the most flexible chicken for recipes.
  • How To Make Stove Top Stuffing into an Inexpensive Meal

    In under 40 minutes, you can make a main meal from Stove Top Stuffing. It saves time, energy and money.
  • How To Cook a Tender Calf Liver

    Calf liver can be a real delicacy, but it takes special cooking procedures to cook the liver so that it is tender.
  • How To Marinade Salmon

    Salmon is a good staple for anyone who is trying to have a healthy diet. It tastes yummy and it has an exceptional nutritional value that is not found in most foods....
  • How To Make Sofrito Sauce

    Sofrito sauce is usually used as base to different dishes such as stew, beans, and soup.Is also mixed with rice. Tomatoes, garlic and onion are its main ingredients....
  • How To Make Your Own Cajun Seasoning Mix

    Spices are the soul of any recipe in any continent. Most people love spicy food; there is just a slight difference in each individual’s taste buds. A Cajun seasoning...
  • How To Make Pineapple Syrup

    Pineapple syrup is something that you can make to add to pancakes, waffles, drinks and marinades. You should try to make this recipe if you want to have a sweet and...
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    Need rice vinegar for Asian cooking? Don't make a trip to the store--make your own instead for better flavor! Here's how to make rice vinegar.
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    Get classic Chicken and Dumplings, the ultimate comfort food, with less work with this Chicken and Dumplings recipe.
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    Do you want to organize recipes in a book instead of a box? Find tips for creating printed cookbooks. Here’s how to make a cookbook -- the easy way.
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    Do you want beefy gravies for all your foods? Find recipes and instructions for turning broths into gravy. Here’s how to make beef gravy out of beef broth.
  • How To Make Beurre Blanc Sauce

    Need a sauce for chicken or fish? This light butter sauce can be a base for other sauces. Here's how to make beurre blanc sauce.
  • How To Make a Delicious Spice Rub for Grilling Meat

    Add an easy but distinctive dose of flavor to any meat dish with this simple spice rub for grilling meat.
  • How To Make Bernaise Sauce

    Often considered the child of the classic Hollandaise sauce, the Bernaise sauce is a classic butter and egg sauce flavored with a combination of vinegar, pepper,...
  • How To Make Beef Stroganoff Sauce

    Do you want to make sauces for stroganoffs? Find tips, ingredients, and variation ideas for this recipe. Here’s how to make beef stroganoff sauce.
  • How To Fix an Overseasoned Dish

    Did you put too much seasoning in the food? Find tips and techniques for fixing too much salt or spice. Here’s how to fix an overseasoned dish.
  • How To Add Seasoning to Crawfish Etouffee

    When it comes to Crawfish Etoufee, your seasoning choices begin with the decision on whether to go Creole or Cajun.
  • How To Find Grains of Paradise Spice

    Grains of Paradise Spice is suddenly bursting onto the food and beverage scene, and justly so.
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    Interested in cooking with a thermos? These cooking tips will help. Here's how to cook in your thermos to save energy and money.
  • How To Cook Filet Mignon Tenderloin

    Need help cooking filet mignon steaks? Get cooking tips to prepare this delicious steak. Here's how to cook filet mignon tenderloin.
  • How To Cook Blackened Salmon

    Need help cooking blacked salmon? These cooking tips can help you prepare this fish dish. Here's how to cook blackened salmon.
  • How To Cook with an Electric Stove

    Here's how to cook with an electric stove - it is not quite the same as a gas stove as the heat is more consistent.
  • How To Cook Salmon the Simple Way

    Here are some simple and delicious ideas you can use to cook salmon. It’s best to let the fish’s flavor come out so simple cooking is best.
  • How To Cook on a Weber Smoker Grill

    The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker comes in two sizes. Read on for all the tips on how to cook on a Weber smoker grill.
  • How To Season a Cast Iron Skillet - Cookware Tips

    Cast iron cookware needs to be treated differently than your typical pots and pans, so follow these steps to season your cast iron skillet for best results.
  • What is Pumpernickel Bread

    While the name may be strange, pumpernickel bread is more prosaic than it sounds. This bread has its roots in Germany, particularly in the region of Westphalia.
  • How To Pan Grill Filet Mignon

    Pan grilling filet mignon is an easy way to prepare this wonderful steak. These pan grill tips will help in cooking and to help bring out the steak’s flavor.
  • How To Make Your Own Essential Oil from Spice

    Homemade essential oils can be extracted from your garden flowers and plants as well as from spices. Here is one way you can make your own essential oil.
  • How To Melt Chocolate Chips in the Microwave

    The microwave is more convenient than a double boiler and can be equally safe for melting chocolate chips if you know how.
  • How To Make Infused Olive Oil

    Olive oil infuses well with subtle flavorings and aroma, making it more pleasant to the appetite.
  • How To Buy an Oven Thermometer

    Controlling the temperature of your oven and food with an oven thermometer is one of the critical factors in controlling food bacteria.
  • How To Buy Traditional Cajun Seasonings

    How can you tell if it’s traditional Cajun seasoning? Aside from the fact that your taste buds won’t lie, traditional Cajun seasoning doesn’t come in mini...
  • How To Make Potato Pancakes from Leftover Mashed Potatoes

    A tasty mashed potato recipe served at one meal can yield a delicious batch of potato pancakes for the next.
  • How To Broil Meat

    These are the steps on how you can broil your meats easily. You can broil your food for barbecue parties or if you want to have a special meal.
  • How To Boil Pasta

    A very important rule in cooking pasta is that you should prepare it just before you are about to eat, to keep it fresh and chewable.