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  • How To Make Chinese Brown Sauce

    Chinese brown sauce is a versatile sauce that accompanies most Chinese entrees. It’s easy to make your own Chinese brown sauce.
  • How To Boil a Goose Egg

    A goose egg is a great form of nutrition! A boiled goose egg will have about 20 grams of protein, and is loaded with iron and vitamin A.
  • How To Use Guar Gum

    You can find guar gum at many specialty food stores or health food stores, and it usually comes in powder form that you can sprinkle into your recipes quickly and easily.
  • How To Use Nectarines

    The nectarine isn't limited to just desserts, use it in cocktails and fruit punches or paired with savory meals such as grilled chicken or fish, salads, and even stir...
  • How To Make Plain Granola

    Making plain granola saves money, it is a healthier alternative, and, along with these benefits, you'll know exactly what you're eating.
  • How To Make Asiago Cheese

    Have you considered making your own asiago cheese? With a little fortitude, the process is relatively easy, and yields a delicious product that will impress.
  • How To Cook Portabella Mushrooms

    A Portabella mushroom, which is just a smaller version of a Portobello mushroom, is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a number of recipes.
  • How To Cook With Turbo Ovens

    Turbo ovens are relatively new, but they are gaining in popularity. They are very easy to use, and beneficial as well.
  • How To Use Luster Dust

    Pastry dusts are often used on fondants, sugar and gum paste decorations, cookies and iced cakes. Luster dust has a metallic finish and soft colors.
  • How To Sharpen Chef Knives

    Knowing how to sharpen a chef knife and keeping knives sharp is an important part of cooking, but it's often overlooked.
  • How To Cook Rice Noodles

    Many packages of imported dry rice noodles neglect to offer cooking instructions in English. Fortunately, preparation is rather simple.
  • How To Use a Bain-Marie

    Almost anything that requires a smooth custard-like texture benefits from cooking or baking with a Bain-Marie process.
  • How To Alkalize Foods

    If the foods you regularly eat are acidic, it may help your digestion to alkalize them. There are many ways to do this without costly additives.
  • How To Store Ginger Root

    One of the most common mistakes made in storing fresh ginger root is to put it into the refrigerator. Learn how to properly store ginger root.
  • How To Store Eggplant

    Whether you've purchased a few eggplants or you've acquired a case of them, learn the proper way to store them so that they won't spoil.
  • How To Substitute Brown Sugar

    Brown sugar is a great example of an easily-substituted ingredient. There are several ways to substitute brown sugar in a recipe.
  • How To Cook Beef Bones

    Before you decide to throw those bones out, stop and think. You can make another meal or two with beef bones as the main ingredient.
  • How To Store a Kaffir Lime

    You need to learn how to store Kaffir limes correctly so that they will be in good condition when you are ready to use the limes in your recipes. Here's how to store...
  • How To Use Fructose

    Here are some examples of how you can use fructose.
  • How To Cook with Truffle Oil

    Spice up your cooking by adding truffle oil to a favorite recipe for a delicious new dish. Follow these easy steps to cook with truffle oil.
  • How To Shave Fennel

    Shaving fennel is the recommended method to include the delightful flavor of licorice and crispy texture to the pallet and the teeth. Here's how to shave fennel.
  • How To Ripen Avocados

    Do you have some avocados on hand that aren't ready yet? Try these easy methods to speed up the ripening process of your avocados.
  • How To Cook in Copper Pots

    Cooking with copper is easy and will speed up the preparation of certain dishes, while adding a sense of style to the kitchen. Follow these tips to cook with copper pots.
  • How To Bake with Parchment Paper

    Once you have purchased the parchment paper you are going to use, follow these simple steps when baking.
  • How To Can Sardines

    Follow these easy steps to can sardines.
  • How To Use Earthenware

    In order to take advantage of the benefits of cooking in earthenware, you need to know how to use them properly. Here's how to use and clean earthenware.
  • How To Cook with Cast Aluminum

    Here are some easy guidelines for successful cooking with your cast aluminum cookware.
  • How To Substitute Rice Flour

    Rice flour is also known as Mochiko or Turkish. It can be used to substitute cake flour, barley flour and wheat flour. Here are some simple steps to substitute rice...
  • How To Use Semolina Flour

    There are many uses for semolina flour. It comes in various grades and is most commonly used for making pasta.
  • How To Use a Pineapple Corer

    It’s easier to use a pineapple corer than a knife. Using a knife to cut a pineapple is very time-consuming; a corer takes seconds to do the same job.
  • How To Cook With Lime Juice

    Cooking with lime juice offers advantages over vinegar and lemon juice, due to its slightly tropical flavor.
  • How To Make Honey Garlic Sauce

    Honey garlic sauce is a delicious, healthy, low-calorie sauce. Brush it on barbecued meats or vegetables, or simply pour it over steamed vegetables.
  • How To Make White Butter

    Making white butter at home is simple, and quick. Making your own fresh butter is healthier because you control the amount of salt.
  • How To Make Dried Fruit

    Dried fruit snacks are healthy and tasty, but often expensive. You can prepare your own dried fruit snacks at home using your oven.
  • How To Use an Electric Wok

    Many people receive electric woks as gifts; these items often stay in boxes or in cabinets for years, unused. They’re actually very easy to use.
  • How To Use Sesame Oil

    Sesame oil is used for many different things. Here are some ideas for how you can use sesame oil.
  • How To Grill Outdoors

    Grilling outdoors is a fun, easy and inexpensive way to tweak the flavor of your meal. Even foods you are bored with will enjoy a new zest on a grill. Here's how to...
  • How To Cook with a Titanium Pan

    This article discusses how to cook several different dishes with a titanium pan.
  • How To Create a Cookbook

    Do you have loads of old family recipes that you'd like to share with another friend or family member? How about giving them a personalized cookbook? Here's how to...
  • How To Use Meat Thermometers

    This article discusses the different types of meat thermometers and how to use them.
  • How To Make Anise Oil

    The anise plant has so many uses. It's wise to keep a bottle of it's oil at hand. Here is a guide to help you make your own anise oil.
  • How To Add Color to Food

    Here are some tricks to add color to food without using your traditional food coloring.
  • How To Use Turmeric in Cooking

    Related to ginger, turmeric is a bright orange or yellow powder used most commonly in Indian or Asian cuisine. Here are some tips to help you use turmeric in your...
  • How To Make Olive Oil

    You can't get a more traditional and pure olive oil than making your own. Olive oil is great for almost everything, including hair, skin, and food.
  • How To Debone a Ham

    Cooking a whole ham is not only a rewarding feat, but can be a challenge if you are not quite sure how to cut the bone out of that big chunk of meat!
  • How To Make a Pestle and Mortar

    If you don't have a mortar and pestle and don't want to run to your favorite kitchen store, there is a way to make a makeshift substitute at home.
  • How To Roast Butternut Squash

    Butternut squash are hearty, tasty winter squash that are simple to prepare and full of flavor. Roasting this squash takes almost no effort at all.
  • How To Melt Candy

    To make many recipes, it is important to melt candy correctly. There are several different methods, depending on the type of candy involved.
  • How To Cook Fish Fillet

    A nutritious, healthy, and delicious menu choice, fish can be baked, fried or sautéed, or broiled. Learn some basic fish fillet recipes.
  • How To Compare Vegetable Cooking Oil and Olive Oil

    The downside of hydrogenated cooking oil is important to consider, because t can become harmful and can cause a lot of damaging effects on health.