How To Arrange Flowers on a Wedding Cake

Wedding cake frosting

Next to the bride's dress, the wedding cake must also be beautifully designed. However delicious it may be, the way it is presented will be very important to the couple getting married. A well-designed wedding cake adds a lot of class to the celebration. Decorating it with fresh flowers will make it extra special especially if it's similar to the flowers used elsewhere in the wedding ceremony.

Let this be your guide. But first, take note of some important things:

  1. The cake must first be assembled before the flowers are ready.
  2. Although the real thing looks tons prettier, fresh flowers can be more expensive than frosted flowers. Make sure if this is really what you like for the cake.
  3. Choose the flowers carefully. Avoid those treated with pesticides, as they are dangerous and toxic. Also avoid flowers freshly cut from a regular garden, as this may have insects living in them. You wouldn't want to have all of these in the cake, would you?

Here is how to prepare and arrange them:

  1. Have a basic idea of how the cake should look like with fresh flowers. To do this, a good sketch of the cake would be helpful. Use crayons to indicate which type of flower must go on what side of the cake.
  2. When you already have the design all planned out, cut the flowers to at least three inches in length. Because they have the tendency to wilt easily, putting the cut flowers in little water tubes or spikes should prolong their blooms. Or soak them first in water, while you are preparing your arrangement.
  3. Using the sketch as your basis mark down your cake with either a knife or a toothpick, to indicate where the flowers will go. Do this until you have marked down every cake corner so as to avoid making a design mistake.
  4. Starting at the bottom and then working your way upwards, carefully insert the cut flowers, but don't embed them totally first. Insert them just enough to position the flowers. Then remove these flowers from their spikes or water tubes, before finally pushing the flowers all the way in the cake. Be careful not to crease the icing or ruin the actual design of the cake. Do this one at a time. There is no reason to hurry.
  5. When done, view the arrangement at each and every angle, to make sure that no space is missed. If there are gaps, putting a few extra greens should fix them.
  6. Store the cake in the fridge when it's not yet ready to be presented to the wedding crowd. This is to keep the flowers fresh.

It would be a good idea to bring a small spray bottle and lightly freshen up the flowers as soon as the cake is out at the reception on display. You may also opt to add a few more extras like beading, rhinestones and sprinkle dust on the flowers, for a really snazzy arrangement.


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