How To Barbecue Potatoes

You'll Be Surprised by This Tasty Side Dish!

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It is a hot, sunny day! Your barbecue yearns for some action, so why not cook in the outdoors? Grilling meat makes it juicy and tender, but what about potatoes? Can you barbecue tasty potatoes? Of course you can! How do you prepare a side dish of barbecued potatoes? Simply by following these steps!

  1. Preheating is a "must"! Just like you preheat your barbecue prior to grilling these juicy steaks, you must do the same for potatoes as it will bring the heat up to the desired temperature and decrease the cooking time.
  2. Using foil keeps dirty dishes away. Cut a large piece of foil. Brush its surface with a thin coat of olive oil or use a thick coating of cooking spray. This will prevent the potatoes and other ingredients to burn or stick to the foil.
  3. Time to go to the chopping block! Wash, dry and cut 4 medium-size potatoes in thick slices or small cubes as such a cut will decrease the cooking time. Chop 2 small onions in thin slices. If you do not like onions, you can always use garlic.
  4. Layers are the secret of this side dish. Spread the potatoes in one layer, then put the onions on top of them. If you do not like onions, spread evenly 2 heaping tablespoons of finely chopped or crushed garlic. Season to your liking with salt and pepper. Of course, fresh pepper and kosher salt are preferred, but table salt and black pepper can also do the trick. Then add 2 to 3 heaping tablespoons of butter or margarine on top. Never add it on the bottom as your potatoes will burn and stick to the foil.
  5. Wrap it all up. Take both sides of the foil and slowly fold them down until resting on top of your side dish. Then close and wrap the ends underneath to ensure there will be no open area. If there is an opening, the steam will escape, increasing the cooking time.
  6. Time to put your potatoes on the barbecue! Deposit your potatoes on the back of your main grill if you only have one, and cook them at medium heat. If you have an upper grill, put them there, so if you cook at a higher temperature, you will not ruin your potatoes.
  7. Cook them for 30 to 45 minutes. Check your potatoes after 30 minutes of cooking time by poking them with a fork. If you feel some resistance, let them cook a few minutes longer, if they are soft and falling apart, take them off the grill.
  8. Enjoy your barbecued taters! Carefully unwrap your side dish as the steam can rise up and scald you. Serve and enjoy! Your taste buds will beg for more!

After you taste those delicious barbecued potatoes, you will never barbecue meat without this side dish! Let your taste buds decide of the verdict! Why warm up your house on a hot summer day by preparing baked potatoes in the oven instead of cooking in the outdoors? It is fast and easy to do! Also, such a tasty side dish will leave you wanting more!


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