How To Buy 5 Gallon Water Jugs

Water delivery man carrying water jugs

Because they efficiently hold water, 5-gallon water jugs are used for water dispensers. They are also used to store water for emergency cases. And because they are easy to transport from one place to another, 5-gallon water jugs find use in camps, parties, and some other types of outdoor activities. If you are currently looking for 5-gallon water jugs, here are some tips that you may find helpful.

  • Take note of the material. Most 5-gallon water jugs are made from plastic. The most common material used for plastic water jugs is polycarbonate plastic. This makes a lightweight water jug that is perfect for transporting. Polycarbonate water jug is recognized by its #7 recycling mark. Polycarbonate, however, is found to have a harmful chemical, called Bisphenol A (BPA) that leaches to the water. For this reason, water jug manufacturers are increasingly using safer plastic materials like polyethylene terephthalate. It does not have BPA and also makes light and sturdy water jugs. Glass water jugs are also now available. They are BPA-free and are therefore safe. They are, however, quite heavy.
  • Look at the make. Most 5-gallon water jugs are made with handles. This is so that they can be conveniently lifted and carried. Five-gallon water jugs also come with spill-free top that allows you to easily load the jug onto a water dispenser without a leak.
  • Purchase from grocery stores. If you are a regular customer of a water delivery company, chances are great you have your own 5-gallon water jugs. But in case you don’t have your own, you can buy water jugs from your local grocery store. The 5-gallon water jugs are commonly in the plastic container section. Some popular container brands also have their own line of 5-gallon water jugs. They are available in sports and outdoor equipment stores. These types of jugs are a bit more expensive than ordinary 5-gallon water jugs, but their quality is unquestionable.
  • Consider buying online. There are a lot of online retailers that offer 5-gallon water jugs. You can browse their websites and make orders online. What’s good about these online retailers is that they offer BPA-free water jugs and ensure that their products are safe for human use. You can also check the websites of the popular grocery or department stores, since some of them accept online orders and will ship your order to the branch in or nearest your place.
  • Try purchasing from online auction. Other than retailer websites, you can also visit auction sites when looking for 5-gallon water jugs. eBay, for instance, also sells BPA-free water jugs that are relatively cheap.

Look for as many options as possible when buying 5-gallon water jugs. Try to ask your friends and family and find out which among the options is the safest and most convenient to use. You have invested much in ensuring the safety of your drinking water, and it is only appropriate to make another investment for the containers that will keep your water.


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