How To Buy a Corkscrew

A bottle opener, an ice bucket, and a wine bottle--now, what's missing? Corkscrew! This nice handy wine opener has been around for so many years. Not only English people have the right to use this screw pull, though it is believed the invention of the corkscrew came from the Brits.

Aside from opening that stubborn cork in the wine bottle, the corkscrew is also a popular collector's item for a wine connoisseur.  You can even have it as a gift for the groom or your dad. Of course, giving a corkscrew as a gift will always be better if you have another bottle opener, ice bucket, and wine bottle to complete the gang.

Now, whether you really want to give someone a corkscrew as a gift or you just want to buy a corkscrew for personal pleasure, you can always find corkscrews of all different types. You can find it in various designs, colors, materials and manufacturer.

Let's first delve into the corkscrew varieties based on types. Here are the common corkscrew types:

    * Butler's Friend. This corkscrew type is also called the twin prong cork puller. Unlike the common corkscrew, this type doesn't have that "worm." It's like a handle having two nails on its both sides. These nails can remove the cork without damaging it. To use this, you just need to push it between the cork and the bottle's neck, then, simply twist the stopper and pull it out.

    * Waiter's Friend. It's funny to note that there is a corkscrew called a butler's friend and now, a waiter's friend. Anyway, this type of corkscrew is also called the sommelier knife. This corkscrew is like a pocket knife because you can always fold the corkscrew for safety. This also has a bottle opener and sometimes a small knife. Unlike the butler's friend, this corkscrew has the distinct "worm."

    * Wing Corkscrew. Angel corkscrew and butterfly corkscrew are two other names for this corkscrew type. This has two levers on its side and another rotating lever on top of the "worm." While the rotating lever is used to take off the stopper, the levers are being raised. With this simple mechanism, you don't anymore need to twist the stopper. Simply pull it out and the wine is ready to be served.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the varieties of corkscrew depending on the manufacturer, you might be confused by the overwhelming choices.  To mention some, you may consider Armstrong, Pedrini, Dowler, Farrow & Jackson, James Heeley & Sons, Edmund Jansesn, Noyles, Sturo, Vaughan, Mercier & Co., Vogliotti, and Cope & Cutler.

When it comes to the materials used, the cork in the corkscrew is often manufactured with steel, stainless steel, or any other strong metals. Luxury corkscrews-these are usually collectors' items, can be made out of gold or silver. The handle of the corkscrew can be very creative--from simply having a wooden handle to designs like a "Playboy" rabbit on it.  As you can see, there are many decisions to be made in choosing the best corkscrew to buy.  Actually, the varieties of corkscrew design are almost endless.

With the limitless possibilities in the varieties of corkscrew, you surely can find the perfect tool for your personal wine enjoyment session. You can even find the best variety that the person you are planning to give the gift of a corkscrew to will truly appreciate.


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