How To Buy Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes are more than just for showing your guests that you have taste, it’s actually necessary to keep wines bubbly and chilled while being slowly consumed. When buying champagne flutes you must not succumb to the call of economics because in the long run you will see that it is definitely worth your credit card bill.

Okay now, take a deep breath, and like that lady from the Shopaholic movie, break that square of solid ice and get your platinum credit card out! You are buying top-of-the-line champagne flutes if you know what’s good for you!

  • Buy only glass or crystal champagne flutes. The clear kind because those fancy-colored ones actually interfere with the quality of the wine and ruins the wine-drinking experience.
  • Pay attention to the shape. Champagne flutes are sexy! The kind that’s glass-blown or crystallized to take a fragile, delicate, slender, tall, and narrow shape that fits so invitingly between your fingers. That’s the kind of shape you should buy. For variety you can also go for voluptuous champagne flutes that bottom-out to a bulbous bottom.
  • Go for ultimate luxe brands like Waterford, Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Nambe Motus, Baccarat, or Lalique. Any of these brands offer champagne flutes that are not only a perfect match to the finest of wines but are also crafted exquisitely. Prices for each champagne flute start at $89. You can order online or shop for it at upscale shops where you live. 
  • Hold one up against the light. Natural lighting is best to find flaws or hairline cracks through the prism. For champagne flutes to be really worth buying, these must be flawless inside and out.
  • For volume orders, contact the local restaurant supply store. Volume orders bring the price down so when you anticipate that you will need a lot of champagne flutes for an event or affair that you are throwing it’s a smart decision to head for this kind of store to place your orders.
  • Order champagne flutes early. Following item #4, it’s prudent and proper planning to place your orders ahead of time and while the demand for such is low. Do not wait for the holidays to roll around even if you are rolling in dough. This is because the supplier might also be up to his neck with orders and can’t attend to yours right away.
  • If you find a mansion that’s holding an heirloom sale, be the first through the door. Oh the fabulous champagne flutes you will find within the hallowed halls of old and elegant mansions! Thumb through your local papers and look for advertisements that says “Heirloom sale!” then head for it right away. You are sure to find lots of glassware to choose from at friendly prices. By the way, it might be your responsibility to pack what you want to buy, so bring lots of packing materials for glassware.
  • Pay for your purchase and bubble-wrap these to take home.  That’s about it.

Here are some additional cues to let you know why high-end champagne flutes are best for wines:

  • It preserves the chill factor of the wine. Once poured from the bottle into the flute, the latter keeps the wine’s temperature cold for some time. Enough time for you to enjoy sipping it until the last drop.
  • It allows the bubbles to seethe and rise up for your taste buds to savor.
  • Keeps the bubbles in the flute as long there’s wine in there.

Now you can see how it’s worth its weight in your platinum credit card.


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