How To Buy Distilled Water

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Distilled water is one of the purest types of water available in the market today. The impurities in the water have been removed through the process of distillation, so the water has no minerals and microorganisms. The water is steamed and as the water condenses, the liquid is collected.

Because distilled water is pure water, it is safe for drinking. It is a especially good idea to use distilled water for babies who drink infant formula. Individuals who have various medical conditions may also benefit from drinking distilled since the water has been purified.

Here’s how to buy distilled water.

  • Determine what you will use the water for. If you will be using distilled water for drinking, you will need to buy several gallons of it. Distilled water can also be used for automobiles since the cleanliness of the water will not leave any sediment behind. It is also ideal for use in steam mechanisms such as a home spa facial steamer or a steam iron.
  • Determine how much you will need. Once you know how you will utilize the water, you’ll know how much of it you’ll need to buy. Distilled water can be sold in half liter and one liter bottles. You can also find them packaged in one gallon containers. If you’ll be keeping distilled water as part of your home emergency kit, a few gallons are a safe bet.
  • Go to the grocery store. Distilled water can be purchased at Target, Walmart, Ralphs, Vons and other major grocery chains. It will be found in the liquor section or in the bottled water section of the store. It’s very inexpensive, selling at only a dollar a gallon.
  • Check the pharmacist. Distilled water has medical applications, so you may also check out the drug store and see if it is sold there.
  • Ask for it. If your grocery chain doesn’t carry distilled water, speak to the manager and see if they can procure some for you. If they don’t know there’s a demand for it, they won’t carry an item.
  • Order online. There are companies that offer home water delivery service. Distilled water in five gallon jugs can be brought straight to your doorstep. Check the website of the brand you like or a distributor in your neighborhood. You can also use and see if they service your area.
  • Pick a brand. Artesian Fresh, Deerpark and Ozarka and some of the national brands that carry distilled water. Read the label. There are various bottled waters in the market. Make sure it says distilled water, and not drinking or spring water. Price differences are negligible.
  • Consider a home distillation system. If you will be regularly consuming huge amounts of distilled water, you may want to consider purchasing and installing a home filtration system in your home. Setups vary by manufacturer so do your research to find a system that you can afford and that works.

Enjoy the many benefits of drinking distilled water. Find a reliable and reputable supplier and make the small investment for your health.


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