How To Carve Roast Beef

Roast beef is succulent for most people. It is a dish that almost anyone desires. Carving the roast beef properly will enhance the food presentation that can make jaws drop even while the meal is being served. Below are instructions and tips on how to carve a roast beef.

  • Buy the best beef in your local market. Avoid buying dark colored beef because they are stiff and hard to cut. Let the roast beef rest for 10-15 minutes after you have removed it from your oven. It is important so the roast beef’s natural juices will settle, and it will make the meat softer. It will also allow you to easily and firmly carve it the way you want it to.
  • Carve your roast beef. Ensure that your knife is sharp in carving your roast beef so it will be easier for you to sliced-up the meat. Do not use your carving knife in other purposes besides carving to prolong its life. Immediately wash your carving knife in hot water by hand after using.
  • Buy a long-handled carving fork that has two prongs and a guard. You will need it to secure the beef that you are cutting. Cut the beef to your desired width. The suggested slice is between 3/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Use your carving knife’s tip to cut the rib bone and to release the meat slices.
  • Your carving board must be a hard wood so it can stand time. It is better if your board has a trench so you can catch the precious juices of the roast. It will also help you to spoon or pour juices on your roasted meat, because it is important to sustain its moistness. Do not forget to put a wet napkin beneath your cutting board before you start carving so the board will not slip or move during carving. You can also opt for a plastic carving board but ensure that it is always clean because like wood, it can retain bacteria. Replace your carving board when it is noticeably cracked or knife-scarred.
  • Carving meat needs a little practice so you can achieve aesthetics or the beauty of food presentation. Through practice, you can easily slice and serve different meat recipes easily.
  • Remove any skewers or strings as you carve your roast. Carve your roast in a slicing action; avoid any sawing motion. Use the blade’s full length. Your carving must be across the beef’s grain so you will be assured that it is tender.
  • Slice the roast vertically. Start from the top to its long bones so you can create even slices. The roast’s fat side must face up and the long bones must be secured on your cutting board.
  • Garnish your roast beef. Pour gravy atop your beef roast. There are various garnishing like fresh parsley that you can put on your roast to make it more succulent.

Develop your carving skills as you try various roast beef dishes such as roast beef with salt coating, BBQ beef tenderloin recipe, oriental beef roast, slow cooker Cajun roast beef,  rubbed rib roast, garlic pepper pot roast, among others. Roast beef like any BBQ dishes are old time favorites among generations.


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