How To Choose a Catering Business

Be it an intimate dinner for two or a wedding for 1000 people…people want to find a catering business which fits their requirements. With today’s busy schedules, most households have both spouses working and there is no time to organize and prepare for a party. This is where a catering business comes in handy. Of course, selecting any kind of outside contractor is easier if you have a little business savvy of your own.

The range of catering businesses you can choose from is staggering! There are the very large catering companies which offer halls to hold receptions or parties. They manage the entire event, from decorating to professional serving staff to an efficient cleaning crew at the end of the day. Other catering businesses prepare the food on their own premises, pack it and send it across to a different location. Smaller catering businesses tend to service smaller requirements - providing hot lunches to the workplace or to children at their schools. Outdoor caterers ensure they offer tents along with tables and chairs as a part of their service.

Making a decision on which business will cater your wedding or other social events, is not a difficult task as long as you stay organized. Read on to find out how you can choose a catering business which fits you to a T!

Word-of-mouth advertising. Most often a family member or a colleague at work can give you the contact details of a catering business that provided excellent service to them in the past. You too could choose the same catering business to check out for yourself.

Online resources. Use the Internet to prepare a list of caterers in your area and make appointments to interview them. You will also get to taste their food and decide on the menu type. Also, you may want to check on the additional services they provide. Once you have checked out 3-4 good catering businesses, you will be able to choose the caterer who best meets your expectations.

Placing a request for food from a favorite restaurant is the most convenient way to get good food catered for a party. Most restaurants will pack and deliver the food piping hot to the party location. They could also give you favorable terms to use their own premises with attendant services.

Things to remember:

  • Some states require caterers to own licenses, without which it is illegal to provide services.
  • Local health departments conduct health checks as a common practice to ensure cleanliness in kitchens.
  • To organize private and outdoor parties, homeowners need to check if the catering business is covered by insurance in case of any accidents. You may also need to find out if there are special permissions required to host the event outdoors.
  • Never make a full advance payment before the event; you may be in for some nasty surprises!
  • Written communication is a must for such events; ensure a clear contract is signed.
  • Keep a notepad or a diary handy to take down notes on observations made, not everything can be stored in your memory.

Lastly, the best catering business will ensure they not only provide the best food on their menu, but also the best services to exceed your expectations and make the occasion a memorable one!  You can learn more about what you should expect from caterers - and from any service provider - by taking online courses in business.


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