How To Choose the Healthiest Pizza Toppings

Every time you hang out with a group of friends at home, someone will grab the phone and ask "Who wants pizza?" It is the perfect meal for a perfectly fun night. Pizza has so many flavors and toppings to choose from, everyone can take his pick.

Pizza is next to ice cream and cake when it comes to calories. It is usually loaded with tons of melted cheese. Can pizza be healthy? There are some recipes that include fresh toppings, which can replace the unhealthy ones on your pizza like pepperoni, bacon and a lot more.

  1. Black olives - Olives have been used since the earlier times in Greece. Its health benefits are numerous. Think olive oil, it is always preferred to use this over butter to avoid heart diseases and decrease cholesterol levels. This is something you should have on your pizza.
  2. Capsicum - These are bell peppers, a delicious but yummy alternative. This is worth putting on your pizza because it does wonders for your circulatory system and can even cure headaches. They are full of vitamins and antioxidants.
  3. Chopped garlic - You can use chopped garlic or garlic paste and spread it on your pizza before anything else. It has powerful flavor and powerful antioxidants as well. It can help the body in fighting diseases.
  4. Spinach - This vegetable is full of iron and choline. The iron will fight against blood loss and choline decreases your risk of having hardened arteries. It also has lutein, which would help you in having healthy eyesight even if you are old and gray.
  5. Mushrooms - This vegetable is low in calories and is being used as a meat substitute. It is full of Selenium, a very effective antioxidant that could decrease your risk of having cancer - especially prostate cancer for men. It has potassium, which is important in the balance of the inner workings of your body.
  6. Broccoli - The taste of broccoli is something you would love when you are older. It is highly nutritious and is a source of different vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and A, calcium, fiber and beta carotene. It can lower your risk for cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease.
  7. Strawberry - Get the real strawberry, not the ice cream. This fruit has Vitamins A, B and C. It helps in making you have a more radiant skin by reducing imperfections like acne, age lines and other discolorations you might have. It is not a usual topping but you can make it at home and find recipes online.
  8. Chicken - White meat chicken is loaded with protein, yet not fully loaded with fat. It has immune system strengthening benefits. Make sure it's not fried first before being put on your pizza to get the full nutritional value.
  9. Cheese - Try feta cheese instead of the carbohydrates laden cheddar cheese.

You can still enjoy your slice of pizza by changing the toppings into healthier, more nutritious, yet good tasting ones. Remember that you can enjoy your pizza, or any food for that matter, by being more conscious of what benefits you can get from healthier alternatives.


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