How To Compare Jiffy Peanut Butter v Skippy Peanut Butter

When you were much younger, you probably did not care whatever peanut butter brand you were having.  For as long as you had the sweet treat for snacks to go with your cookies or sandwich, you might go for any label. However, as you grow older, your taste becomes increasingly discriminating.  You begin to have a preference over the item, which can spell a difference in what your cupboard will contain when you finally have a kitchen of your own.  You will probably ask which is better among the top brands of peanut buter and what distinguishes them from each other.

Jiffy and Skippy are two labels that are commonly found in many peanut butter-lovers’ grocery lists.  Both made it to the top choices carrying their respective distinct qualities.  Both also claim to be using high-grade peanuts as their products' main ingredient.  However, just like the rest of the brands out in the market, issues among the likes of Jiffy and Skippy are always resolved by the consumers themselves.  Here are some points of comparison particularly between Jiffy and Skippy according to a number of discriminating peanut butter lovers.

  • There are two basic types according to the texture of the item.  These are the creamy and the crunchy types. Both Jiffy and Skippy tried to capture the market of the two types, but still they cannot get away from their basic differences.  Jiffy is known to be always creamier than Skippy.
  • Skippy is known to be the kids’ choice, especially the crunchy type.  It has different types of blends, many are meant to capture the tastes of the younger age group.  Its crunchy type has peanut clusters and peanut bits that, somehow, make it a food by itself.  On the other hand, Jiffy is great for sandwich spread because of its creamier texture.
  • One of the main reasons why Jiffy lags behind Skippy in sales is because it does not have the more attractive and effective advertisements the latter has.  In fact, Peter Pan peanut butter may even have better-looking labels and catchier commercials than it may.  However, the product itself is not really much different from the rest of the processed peanut brands.
  • In terms of blend, some people say that Jiffy tends to be too sweet so that it loses much of the peanut taste.  Skippy, on the other hand, has a salty and sweet taste, which makes it quite close to natural and unprocessed brands.  Jiffy’s blend is similar to that of Peter Pan peanut butter.

The points mentioned are not meant to encourage people to switch peanut butter brands.  After all, no matter how insistent Skippy and Jiffy commercials are, it is still the consumers who decide what brand they are buying.  Oftentimes, it is not because they believe what the ads say.  It is simply because their taste buds prefer one from the other.


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