How To Cook Beef Bones

Before you decide to throw those bones out, stop and think. You can make another meal or two with them as one of the main ingredients. We all know that the bones have leftover meat on them that you could not cut off. That leftover meat will be the main ingredient to a very scrumptious vegetable stew or even flavoring for a meal of beef and beans or other dish. There are many vegetables that can be used. Potatoes. onions, tomatoes, corn, celery, green beans, and a little red pepper gives the soup or stew a zesty taste.

Those beef bones can also be placed in a cake pan or casserole dish along vegetables and/or rice. Season with some of your favorite seasonings such as Cajun, Greek, or just plain salt and pepper. Bake in the oven for about an hour, or until the meat is falling from the bone and vegetables are fully cooked. Add a salad as a side dish and you have a meal.

Navy or Brown Beans are also very good when cooked with different meats, but did you know you can cook them with beef bones as well? Replace that ham or bacon with your leftover beef bones and you will have a delicious pot of beef and beans. Add some fried potatoes and cornbread and you have a very inexpensive meal which can feed many people. If there are any leftovers you can freeze them and bring them out later for another meal when you are pressed for time or just do not feel like cooking.

At times there may be enough meat left on those bones to make barbequed beef or Sloppy Joe sandwiches. You could also combine the meat from these bones with pork for added taste. Add some chips or fries on the side, along with a salad, and you have another cheap, delicious meal.

Today when many people are stretching their dollars, it is a good idea to also stretch the food and groceries as far as they can go. Many times food is wasted that could have been used for another meal with just a little creativity. Here are some other examples of stretching out your leftovers to make them into hearty meals: take leftover mashed potatoes, a can of drained corn, a little flour, and an egg, and you have potato corn cakes. Leftover beans can be used to make a pot of chili, or add other vegetables and make vegetable soup or stew. Leftover chili can be used for chili dogs or poured over burritos.


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