How To Cook Beets

The easiest way to cook and enjoy beets is to boil them. There are other ways to prepare beets but if you want to enjoy the rich taste and deep color, try this recipe. All it takes is some time and preparation to cook beets.

To cook beets:

2 large or 4 small fresh beets (size won’t affect taste)
2 fresh onions
2 tablespoons butter
¼ cup lemon gelatin
Sharp knife

  1. Prepare the beets. Lightly rinse the beets under cool running water. Be careful not to bruise the skin of the beets while removing any dirt and soil. Trim the stems to one inch from the root.
  2. Boil beets. Place beets in lightly salted water and boil until tender. Note that the color of the beets will leak into the water.
  3. Remove beets to cool. Use spoon to remove the beets without draining any of the liquid. Place beets aside while they cool. Once cool, peel the beets.
  4. Save one quarter cup of the beet water.  Keep the water from boiling the beets in a measuring cup for later use.
  5. Prepare the onions. Clean and peel the onions.
  6. Start fresh water on to boil. Add salt to the water then the onions. Boil the onions alone until they are tender. Then drain the water.
  7. Combine the ingredients. Place the beets into the pot with the onions. Add the one quarter cup of beet liquid, butter and gelatin. Melt the butter then bring the mixture to a boil. Be sure to stir constantly. Once fully combined and soft the beets are ready.
  8. Serve and enjoy. Share these vegetables with your family and friends. Their rich color and taste is sure to delight.

Preparing beets is simple. It does take some time but by being patient you will create a tasty vegetable for the winter months.  If you aren’t happy with the boiled variety, then try baking, roasting, steaming or serving them cold in a variety of salads.


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