How To Cook Blackened Salmon

Blackened salmon is an easy yet flavorful take on salmon. With the use of a variety of spices, it lends the fish a nice smoky flavor. During the cooking process, the spices are roasted, giving the salmon a nice dark coating without burning the fish.

Here is how to prepare this simple yet flavorful dish.

  • Prepare your fish. Buy fresh salmon from the fishmonger or store the same day that you will cook and eat the fish. Fresh salmon has a superior flavor and better texture compared to the frozen variety. Buy salmon fillet instead of the whole fish. This way, you’ll get it without bones and cut into just the right portion sizes. For portion sizes, it’s one salmon fillet of about four to six ounces each per person.
  • Prepare the rub. In a small bowl, mix together some one teaspoon salt, one teaspoon pepper and a tablespoon each of paprika, onion powder, cayenne pepper. Add a quarter teaspoon each of oregano, basil and thyme. You may try experimenting with spices depending on your tastes. Reduce the amount of cayenne pepper if you don’t like it too spicy. Mix well. Brush some olive oil on the salmon then coat the fish with the rub. Use your hands so that all the surfaces of the fish are properly coated with the rub.
  • Preheat the oven. This step is optional for those that want to cook the salmon using both the stovetop and oven. set the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to cook the salmon in the oven for the final four minutes, you’ll need to use an oven safe pan, such as a cast iron pan or a heavy duty hard anodized pan. The pan should indicate that it is oven safe. If you do not want to bake the salmon in the oven, then skip this stage and proceed to the next step.
  • Heat the pan. Place a skillet over high heat. When the pan is hot, put a few drops of olive oil and a pat of butter on the pan. Never melt butter on the pan without a little bit of oil or it will burn. Next, gently place the fish on the skillet and allow it to sear for four minutes each side. Avoid poking or moving the fish around to allow the spices to cook and give that blackened appearance. When the time is up, flip the fish using a heat resistant flat spatula. Carefully pry the fish off the skillet so it doesn’t break apart during the cooking process. Cook for another four minutes if you are only doing pan frying. The salmon is done when the edges start to look a little transparent.
  • Transfer to the oven. As an option, move the skillet to the preheated oven and bake for four to five minutes as soon as you flip the fish. This will ensure even cooking and so that the fish will be done regardless of thickness.

There you have it! This recipe takes less than twenty minutes to prepare and cook from start to finish so you can have a healthy and delicious dinner on the table fast!


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