How To Decorate Champagne Bottles

Decorated champagne bottle

So you want to turn your champagne bottles into Halloween table decorations?  Rather than removing the labels, cover the champagne bottles with black crepe paper.  To secure the crepe paper covering, tie orange crepe paper streamers at the neck and then make a bow.  Make sure there is enough length to have tails to spool onto the table.  To continue the decorating of the champagne bottles, hang a tissue ghost on the knot of the ribbon.  To make these ghosts, just put a 2-inch cotton ball in the center of a tissue.  Bring up the four corners, grasp the covered ball, and tie a piece of fishing line or dental floss around it.  With a black gel pen, draw eyes and an open mouth on your ghost's face.  That Halloween dressed champagne bottle will surely scare the evil spirits away and then some.

Think of Christmas and about decorating your champagne bottles as symbols for the holiday.  Picture a white table cloth with a bottle of champagne covered in gold foil paper, entwined with ivy which spirals gracefully onto the table.  Tie a perky, red wire ribbon into a bright bow around the neck.  Throw some red napkins on the table with gold rimmed white dishes and you have a classy, elegant table decoration.

A champagne bottle at a baby shower could be decorated by covering it with pink, blue or yellow wrapping paper and complemented by a cute diaper.  Cut a three-cornered diaper out of flannel or white cotton material, and affix it in the front and bottom of the bottle with a cute character safety pin.  It would probably would be a good idea to glue the diaper in a few places with a glue gun.  Hang a small paper bib with the baby's sex and/or due date written on it around the neck of the champagne bottle.  Also, a small picture of a baby glued to the front of the champagne bottle would be a very cute touch.  And, of course, ribbons of the appropriate color can be tied around the neck in an adorable bow.  These brightly colored bottles make great baby shower decorations.

A champagne bottle in Hawaiian attire would definitely enforce your office party's Hawaiian Theme.  Cover the champagne bottle in lightweight brown paper for the authentic complexion.  Add a lei made from a string of tiny, fabric flowers (these are available at party supply stores) and six inches of fabric fringe for the skirt.  You could also make the skirt by fringing green construction paper; in either case, it helps to secure the skirt with a glue gun.


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