How To Deep Fry a Turkey

One of the fastest growing and most popular ways to cook Thanksgiving dinner is deep frying a turkey. This technique has caught on recently because proponents of this technique love the fact that if done correctly you get a turkey with a crispy outside and an overly juicy inside.

Step 1


Before you can actually get to cooking you will need a few things. Of course the first thing you will need is a turkey. The number of people you cook for will depend on how big a turkey you will want, but it is best not to go over 15 lbs. You will need a pot to fry the turkey in, preferably either 40 or 60 quarts. You will also need the other hardware necessary for frying the turkey:

  • A gas burner
  • A basket to place the pot on
  • A thermometer for meat
  • Oil to fry the turkey in

You also might want to keep a fire extinguisher available.

Step 2


The best place to do the cooking is outside. With the amount of oil you will be using, and the fact that there is an open flame, it is possible if you are not extremely careful the oil could boil over and ignite. So, if this does happen it is best to be outside. To figure out how much oil to use safely, place your turkey in the pot and fill it with water so that the turkey is about two inches submerged. Now remove the turkey and make reference to where the water level has receded to; this will be the level you want to fill the oil. Now you can season your turkey how you choose and get ready to cook it.

Step 3


Fill the pot with oil to the level you determined in the previous step. Turn on the burner and heat the oil to between 325-350° F. Once the oil reaches this temperature, begin lowering you turkey into the oil. Do this very carefully and slowly; you do not want any oil to come over the lip of the pot. Lower it in using either the cage or hanger that came with your kit. Continue frying until the turkey reaches 170-180 ° F.

Step 4


Let the turkey cool for about 20 minutes, then carve and enjoy!

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