How To Drink without Getting Drunk

Many social gatherings are incomplete without alcoholic drinks. When you hang out with your friends, you will most likely have some alcoholic beverages. Having a very small sip of alcohol has never made anyone pass out. Needless to say, ingesting too much alcohol can make you drunk. Some people drink for the mere purpose of getting drunk. A vast majority drinks only to the point of being tipsy. Others drink safely and avoid getting drunk at all. In this article, you will learn some useful tips on how to get along with your drinking friends without getting yourself too drunk at a party.

  1. Say no. This is the simplest and the easiest way not to get drunk. Yet, not everyone finds this easy to do. Often, you will feel compelled or even coerced by your friends to drink. But, it’s okay to refuse and say no. Refusing does not necessarily mean you no longer want to be friends. If your friends force you to do something that you do not want to do or to do something that you think might cause you harm, you probably are with the wrong crowd.
  2. Take full control over your drinking. Know your limits. Some people drink in order to get drunk. Others drink and then stop when they start becoming tipsy. Regardless of where you want to end with your drinking, you can control the amount and the pace of your drinking. This requires you to know your drinking limits. For example, you can drink up to three bottles of beer before starting to feel dizzy, but with tequila or whiskey, you can only take a shot or two. Stop when you reach your limits. Avoid drinking beyond your limit even if you have are not yet feeling the effects of the alcohol. Remember that alcohol takes some time before you can feel the effects.
  3. Be aware of the alcohol content. Different liquors and alcoholic beverages have varying amounts of alcohol in them. Generally, the lower the alcohol content of a drink, the more of it you can drink before you become inebriated. Hard liquor usually has more alcohol content than beverages such as beer.
  4. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water—before the party, while drinking, and after the party. The water will help your body eliminate the alcohol faster.
  5. Drink on a full stomach. Make sure you have eaten a meal before you start drinking. Drinking on an empty stomach will make the alcohol work into your system faster and make you feel drunk faster.
  6. Drink slowly. If you want to drink but don’t want to get drunk before the party ends, don’t drink like a fish drinking water. Slow down. If three bottles of beer is your limit, make the three bottles last until the end of the party. Insert some activity in between gulps. For example, take one gulp, then talk for thirty minutes or walk around and meet new people. Before popping your next bottle, you can drink non-alcoholic drinks (e.g., water, Coke, juice).

Drinking is actually fun and can facilitate social interaction—but only if it is done responsibly and moderately. You don’t even need to drink if you don’t want to.


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