How To Find Fresh Morel Mushrooms

Food lovers would agree that fresh morel mushrooms would make any dish come alive with its nutty taste balancing all the flavors on your plate. A morel mushroom may be a funny thing to look at with its elongated and roughened shape that is even dark in color. Fresh morel mushrooms are not that easy to come by. You have to search for them on your own or purchase at specialty shops and online stores. Here are some places where you can find fresh morel mushrooms.

Forests. If you are up for hunting for these mushrooms then they are usually found in the northern states almost at the middle part of the year. They are found in highly elevated places. Most of the time they are found around dying trees. Be careful though because not all morel mushrooms are safe to eat. So go with someone who can tell one from the other just by looking at it.

Mushroom hunting clubs. If you are a beginner then joining hunting clubs is the best way to go. Just search for your state and add mushroom hunting clubs then you might just get a hit. One example if you live in the area is Michigan Mushroom Hunters. They will advise you of the safety rules in hunting and discovering the different types of morel mushrooms. You will end up with good friends with the same interests plus you end up with knowing where to find this type of mushroom.

Backyards. You might be surprised but they do sometimes sprout in the most uncommon places. It would be hard though to go scouring through backyards and hedges. Just check if you are lucky enough to have one in yours.

Festivals. Go to Morels and you will find the schedules and locations of upcoming festivals you can attend. You can buy fresh morel mushrooms, souvenirs and even get to eat morel based dishes. Hunting is also part of the festival, a sure way to enjoy looking for morel mushrooms.

Online shops. A number of stores online sell fresh morel mushrooms. You may find yourself on a waiting list due its availability or you would have to request for a date when they could have your order delivered. One shop is Earthy a good site to visit and order fresh morels. Another shop is Marxfoods. It is costly though because these shops only ship by the pound or more. However it is the easiest and stress free way of getting those mushrooms.

Finding morel mushrooms may be expensive or would take a lot of your time. Cultivation of morel mushrooms is now being done in one US state however the quantity is not sufficient to meet the requirements of all morel mushroom lovers as of this time. Hunting, attending festivals or buying online would be justified once you taste the unique and delicious flavor of morel mushrooms. After all eating can be such a sinful pleasure.


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